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Beyblade Burst Turbo Reviews

which Beyblade is next to be Reviewed?  

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  1. 1. Which Beyblade do you want to see be the next Review Subject

    • Revive Phoenix P4
    • Air Knight K4
    • Emperor Forneus F4
    • Z Achiles A4

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Okay so Let's start this off with

the Review of Salamander S4

Hoo Boy

I have a lot to say about this one

so here are the Stats

3 Attack

2 Burst

6 Defense

4 Weight

6 Agility

2 Stamina

 and here are the Parts for this Beyblade

Salamander s4 Layer (the Top Piece) which has 2 different Modes 5 Blade Defense

and 10 Blade Attack

now to switch between these 2 modes there's a switch on the Bottom of the Energy Layer that you move down

but make sure to lock it in that mode (you can change it back by repeating the process)

which i think this is a neat idea

I like this idea a lot

Next is the 12 Forge Disc (the Middle Piece)

this disc is an okay disc it's alright it is slightly aggressive in combat due to the blades on it

but its nothing too special

and now on to the Performance Tip Operate  (Ie the Piece that makes the Beyblade Spin) 

this Tip has 4 different modes

thanks to the Slingshock system

which are

Battle Ring Mode this is the basic mode


 Battle Ring Attack which is activated by sliding the bottom of the tip to the left so it's off center which is supposed to give Salamander An Aggressive Spin

but Quickly Burns Through what ever Stamina it has a Stamina of 2 so yeah it burns this low Stamina fast in this mode


Turbo this mode is activated by pulling the frame on the tip down this mode gives Salamander a Boost in Speed


Turbo Attack (same gripe and Activation as regular Attack mode)

i really don't like this

 it eats up Salamander's very Limited Stamina

and causes it to spin out really fast

to be Honest this feels more like a gimmick that should've stayed in the ainme


the Attack and Defense Modes


both Attack Modes that the Performance tip has

i give this Beyblade


is it worth getting

only for your collection nothing else

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