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Dr Ned

does anyone remember this show?

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so does anyone remember this show i'm about to describe?

I remember watching an Episode of this show

one day when I was sick

the Episode focused on this guy who had a Pet Pig

he was caught stealing I think it was fruit or something

so this other guy named Uncle Fritz catches him stealing and they talk

Fritz ends up sending the guy with the Pig

to this Lighthouse  where it was also an orphanage the guy with the Pig was an Orphan

so he goes to the Lighthouse and meets the Lady running the Orphanage /Lighthouse

and she sings a song called be a Light House not a candle at some point in the Episode

so the dude with the Pig and the other Orphans all have this fantasy sequence

to where they were in Medieval times

and the Pig was a Prince and they had to go rescue him

the dude with the pig decides to stay at the Lighthouse

does this ring any bells at all?

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