Home Again: Discord Trolls Sunset and Almost Destroys the Universe

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A sequel to Midnight at the Crystal Library, now complete.


When Sunset Shimmer and the human Twilight Sparkle embarked on a study-vacation to the Crystal Empire, they never expected to get into a battle for the very survival of the world, against not only time-displaced versions of their friends, but time-displaced versions of Demon-Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle. But they did, and with help they prevailed.


Now heading back home with a spell in hoof that might finally make Equestrian Magic safer in the human world, Sunset and Twilight will discover that not all of their past sins are completely gone and forgotten. The Great and Powerful Trixie plans to bring a Great and Powerful copyright suit against her human counterpart, Discord has decided to tag along and keep things from getting too safe and boring, and Princess Luna takes a near-lethal dose of Pinkie Pie's proprietary coffee blend before dream-diving for the answers she seeks.


But what starts off as a rollicking good time for some soon becomes a harrowing race towards oblivion or worse. Pranks are pulled, worlds ripped asunder, the Dazzlings learn to cook, and dreams are unveiled. What sort of madness is this?


Read Home Again here.

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