Season 9, Episodes 24-26: Series Finale

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Titles: The Ending of the End; The Last Problem

Synopsis: A villainous alliance unleashes their unified might on Equestria and it’s up to the Mane Six to save the kingdom. Then, years from now, Princess Twilight is visited by a student with a friendship problem. As she attempts to solve it, she looks back on the times she and the Mane Six spent together.

Airs: Tonight at 8 P.M. on Discovery Family

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Alright. Episode 24.


As before i'm gonna review Episodes 24, Episode 25 and Episode 26 in seperate posts.


Wow. We've come a long way. From Twilight learning about friendship, to her becoming a princess, to her opening her own school. And now where are here. Twilight and her friends on the verge of becoming the new rulers of Equestria and about to face their biggest threat yet. I can't put into words how exited i am for this finale. We've had our ups and downs. But overall it has been an amazing journey. And now it's time for one last season finale. Time for the final battle.






It's really fucking funny how just a few words from Chrysalis make racism an actual thing again.


Also, that pony is really running around with a fucking cooking hat?


What does Cozy Glow mean by "I did my part freaking out the pegasy"? She should be known as evil and manipulitive and not be able to just fuck around with background characters and get away unoticed. Need some ellaboration here.


Did they make this hideout for the bell in the wall themselves?


Okay. So Grogars bell can basically just do the same as Tirek? Absorb magic and make the one who uses it stronger and capable of stronger attacks. Well, that's kinda lazy.


"Take my hands." Remember Twilight said "I left Sunset in good hands" and then no one knew what hands were? But shhhhh Equestria Girls is not canon shhhh.


Again. Twilights coronation an event where EVERYONE is present including the most powerful characters is definitly the perfect moment to attack. 


Cozy Glows shot in the water was completly unecessary. But hey, gotta flex with those new powers i guess.


ALSO. Alicorn Cozy Glow feels like such a funny shot at the fandom. "Is Starlight gonna be the next Alicorn?" "Are the rest of the mane 6 gonna be the next alicorns?" Nope, here's Cozy Glow alicorn.


I noticed a little something about Tirek. In the S4 finale after he had all of the magic except the princesses magic he looked like this.





After the bell powered him up in the S9 finale he looked like this.




A tiny bit smaller. Less hair on his head and beard, and his bracelets are still there. Does that mean he is weaker here than he was in the S4 finale?


Chrysalis new design looks really fucking cool. And it makes me wonder. Does she only look like this now, after she got all powered up? Or has she looked like that before when she was younger and in her "prime"? Also, apparently powering up gives you a crown.


So Discord was Grogar? Nah. He must have swapped places with the real Grogar in episode 17 when Grogar left to retrieve the second artifact and the real Grogar must be still out there because the bell is a thing, the legend is a thing, if Discord would have been Grogar all this time it would make him and his powers only more stupid and broken, he would have been responsible for all the villains returning and now threatening everyone, the tree of harmony and the elements getting destroyed woukd be on his plate, it would have invalidaded his sO pErFeCt ReDeMpTiOn AnD cHaRaCtEr DeVeLoPeMeNt like everyone always talks about him. This would be a plottwist equivalent to "It was all just a simulation" or "It was all just a dream" Which is just the worst kind of writing.


But let's see what happens.


"Without magic he is no threat." Well, you can still give him a mouthcuff.


Where does Luna put that henkerchief?


Don't you mean thousands of moons, Spike?


How does a hayball end up in canterlot?


Royal Marshmallow eating contest. And Rarity get's all dramatic over it. Yep that's definitly another shot at fanmade content.




Okay. So it was Discord all along? Fuck the writing. Boost their confidence? Are you fucking kidding me? How much other stuff was fake up until now? Stygian? The movie (that actually explains his absence there)? Was Tirek first attack also just acted out by him? Ah fuck this character. And they don't even punish him. Incompetence and stupidity as far as the eye can see.


Funny how no one is shocked when they mention Grogars bell. Like, everyone knows who he is and what his bell is and what it can do.


Also, how does Celestia not already know that the bell has been stolen? Remember Rusty Bucket, the soldier from episode 8 who was guarding the mounting? After seeing Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow (who should be known worldwide for their heinous deeds by this point) paying him a visit and trying to get up the mountain after, like he said it himself, no one has been there for a long time shouldn't he have gotten supicious and reported that to someone? Was he even working for Celestia or was he just living there and guarding the mountain for fun? But oh well, i guess we forgot about that.


"Twilight. It doesn't matter if Discord set up your sucesses or not." Shut up Celestia. It does.


"Discords magic is impossible for any other creature to control." But Tirek, you have already fucking absorbed all of Discords magic before, don't you remember?




After that, he was weakened like everyone else. There was no implication that it wasn't "the whole thing". Fuck this retcon. Only more fanpandering for Discord.


Ladies and gentleman. Fanart.




Cozy Glow should not be able to perfectly control her newly acquired alicorn powers as well as she does. I remember scenes when Twilight, A GENIUS AND A PRODIGY, was having problems to fly with her new wings after she became an alicorn. So how can Cozy Glow A FUCKING CHILD AND PEGASUS ONLY, perfectly control magic and alicorn level powers she never had flowing through her body, that quickly? The magic absorbing she did in the S8 finale never gave her the magic to her disposal so that's a not so strong arguement then.


Did they forget that Tirek grows in size after absorbing magic? Especially with magic from someone as strong as the fucking pillars? ALSO, regardless of the bell power up, Starswhirl and the pillars should IN MY OPINION take one look at Tirek and be like "Hah you little wimp. We're gonna wipe our asses with you." considering how hyped up and supposedly powerful Starswhirl ALONE was. They were dealt with like they are nothing. More wasted characters. Very well done writers.


Also, why does Rockhoof shrink and get younger when his magic is beeing absorbed?


How does Chrysalis know that Starlight is the headmare? Unless she has been sneaking around in disguise of course.


And funny how Starlight walks away after the avalanche buried Chrysalis, thinking THAT was enough to beat her. I mean, just look at her facial expression when she walks away.





Cozy Glow is Doctor Strange.


Also, first thing that's a tiny bit weird is that they split up instead of attacking together, knowing how far teamwork has brought them before and second even though she managed to wreck Celestia and Luna with it, it's questionable that Tirek and Chrysalis would leave the bell with Cozy Glow, the youngest and most inexperienced of them.


Aaaaand another scene where they try to dance around the fact that Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are not made for battle.


Remember when they said that they put magic resistent shards of Chrysalis throne into their walls?





Did they forget that part of canterlot or what?


So magic proof rock can't be affected by magic attacks but it can be picked up with magic? Then how did it all just get destroyed just seconds ago???



This episode was a fucking mess. That's all i have to say. It pulled the worst kind of plotwist in the whole show out of nowhere.


I give it a 5,5/10.

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Episode 25.



Where did the dark clouds come from? Last episode it was still sunny with clear skies.


I thought Starswhirl got absorbed. Was that sparkle on his horn reserve magic or what?


The three villains getting butthurt over power after they have almost won just comes off as pathetic and shoved in.


"No one of us is gonna use the Princesses magic until we can figure out how to use that fools chaos magic." WHY THOUGH?


Tireks father? King what?


Also how the fuck do those magic resistend shards work? Parts of the walls that contain them reflect and then the one that restricts Starlights magic breaks through magic? WHAT?


How do the villains even give a single fuck about the princesses and the others without any magic? Just send at least one after Twilight or Starlight.


It's weird how racism is a topic of this finale. Again.


Funny how Tirek didn't noticed the Windigos even though the castle HAS NO ROOF.


So Tirek is worried about the ancient magic of the Windigos but when they had Gorgars bell and thought he was real he was like "Pfff fuck it. Backstabbing him is fine.


How the fuck can Cozy Glow perfectly recognize Twilight and the others from that distance?


Is creating portals also one of the powers of the bell?


Soo get the bell after all? Finally at least SOME decent writing.


A Twilight with only her own magic can knock back Tirek who's powered up by Grogars bell and the magic of all the pillars combined just tickle him? Bruh.


And why doesn't Tirek just try to absorb them? 


And now. Here is something super nitpicky imo. I know the show has never really been consistent with power scaling but. RARITY SHOULD NOT EVEN LAST A SECOND AGAINST A POWERED UP CHRYSALIS!





Just one episode ago Chrysalis broke Twilights shield by just touching it. You're gonna tell me that Rarity who is leagues beneath Twilight and Chrysalis (even more so when she is buffed up) can protect herself from a concentrated beam without dying or at least getting knocked back and injured badly immidiatly? No.


And right after that, Spikes fire beamstruggeling with Chrysalis. Consistency and powerscaling off the charts.


Tempest cameo? For the first time in the actual show.


Friendship speech and aspull beam in 3. 2. 1...


At this point i would say the show takes Friendship is magic just too literally. When it can creat giant Rainbow Beams that can do whatever you want technically it is power and Cozy Glow was right?


And they couldn't have tried to absorb it with the bell?


Poor Tirek. He must feel so molested by those rainbow beams by now.





How did Discords magic end up in Pinkie Pie? Last time i checked she was no unicorn and couldn't perform spells.


Also, more fanservice.





Discord should have been turned to stone right with them. It was his fault that this all happened in the first place.


Also, will they break out of the statues in around 1000 years? Celestia and Luna banished Sombra without the elements of harmony and he broke free from that too.


That final scene where the mane 6 eat donuts in the shop after the final battle.





I got 3 words for this finale.


NONSENSICAL, WASTED, DISAPPOINTING. I have MUCH MORE to say about it but i will do that in a seperate post (or posts). Until then, this episode wasn't much better than the previous one.


I give it a 5.5/10

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The first few verses of the song sums up many people in the fandom myself included, when we first heard of this new iteration of My Little Pony many of us weren't exactly crazy about until we actually gave it a try and that final part of the song that sounded like the intro gave me goosebumps, the song is one of the best songs in the franchise in my opinion. I'm going to miss this show especially, it seems that shows made between the mid 2000's and the 2010s are ending as reach 2020, I haven't felt this way since Justice League Unlimited ended the DCAU or some the endings of several anime titles I watched in the late 90s. The final episode left us with some concepts of new adventures before the events of the final episode, which we might see in IDW's MLPFIM Season 10.

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Alright. The final episode.


After the (imo) shitshow that was the S9 finale, i hope this episode won't turn out to be too bad. I want G4 to go out at least decently, so please don't be bad.



Has Spike been working out or did he just have the luck of becoming so big naturally?


And Twilight looks gorgeus! Aaaand she still has the exact same voice by Tara Strong.


And apparently being an alicorn makes you grow in size and makes your mane move. And if ot also extends your lifespan like the 1000s of years that Celestia and Luna had behind them, then Twilight will eventually have to watch her friends die one after another and that is a scary thing to think about.


And Twilight has a student that's just like she was at the start. Predictable.


But i would like to know how long the timeskip between Episode 25 and this episode has been.


But wow, this episode feels like the reverse of episode 1, Twilight struggeling follow her duties, move to ponyville and make friends, and now she's struggeling to leave ponyville follow her duties and leave her friends there.


But it is more of a flashback episode? Going back and forth? Duh.


Was them running past Starlight with the words "there is no time" a shot at the part of the fandom that thinks that Starlight is bad, annoying and just in the way?


Twilight should have never had to worry about catching the train when she can just teleport around.


Applejuice doesn't sparkle. And how did the colorstamps on the boxes even get so washed out?


Capper cameo? And another Tempest cameo? Well, it is the final episode after all.


Why are there sheep on the railway? How did the sheep end up in canterlot?


"It's as naturally as the rising of the sun and the moon." When Celestia and Luna move the sun and the moon and they technically could do it whenever they want, it isn't natural.


Fluttershy (a pony who's job it is to take care of fucking animals all the time) is inconveniently, poorly prepared for this huge event. Also, geese don't eat carrots.


If the applejuice ended up being ruined by Big Macs incompetence why didn't the waiters just serve water instead?


Pinkies child looks like she and Fluttershy made it.




I guess this counts as a self boop? xD




So Rainbow Dash and Applejack are a lesbian couple? You know what could have made this even more special? If they would have been the first one instead of the one in episode 12 that was lesbian for no significant reason for the plot whatsoever.


Twilights present is a book full of gifs. xD


And apparently Lyra and Bon Bon are another lesbian couple.


Sunburn went from Kratos 2005 chinbeard, to Kratos 2018 chinbeard.







(Sorry, i couldn't find a better picture)


Smolder better doesn't look into the sun with his telescope thing during the day.


The Sandbar Yona ship actually went somewhere as shown in this 10 seconds long shove in? I'm shoocked.


Sunset Shimmer in the background?


"And the magic of friendship grooooows."





What a beautiful shot to end the show.





Wow. That was it. The final episode. Could have been worse, could have been slightly better. In my opinion that it jumped back and forth between Twilights coronation and who knows how many years later, instead of focusing on one was a bit eh. And the final song was mostly just a montage of the all the final ships (the song itself was beautiful though). Twilight getting a student who is just like her was predictable. But overall, good and tearjerking.


It get's a 7,5/10 from me.


Goodbye G4. Thank you for all the good memories, great stories and friends you brought together.


It has been a wonderful time with you.

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See, one of the reasons I like forums is that they save your time. In a hit and miss show like MLP was, reading forums and looking at Derpibooru can give you a good indication if you're going to enjoy an episode or not.

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A few more nitpicks.


Was the book for the bell just left behind in the lair? Did someone bother to retrieve it after the final battle? And how did Celestia and Luna not notice that the book got stolen inbetween Episode 17 and 23? Shouldn't they check that everything is in place now that they move out of the castle and let someone else take over?


Twilights idea for her, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie to be the distraction and let the others get the bell is kinda dumb when she could have just teleported herself with the bell away as soon as she would have gotten it. Unless the bell can't be teleported away but that is never stated and it can create portals so, duh.



Since complaining on a semi deep and semi professional level takes time and effort, here are some of my afterthoughts i have about a bunch of things before i try to get into why i hated this finale in detail.


Cozy Glow did not have a change of heart and betray the villains to return to the ponies like some people thought she would, and that's fine in my opinion. Even though S9 made me like her more she's still one of my lesser favorite villains.


And Chrysalis did not get reformed which is a bit of a shame in my opinion because she definitly had the potential. She could have gotten back with her changelings, but she DEFINITLY didn't have to transform into such a weirdlooking "good changeling form" and she also didn't needed to go super happy after it. It could have been like with Trixie where she was still hostile towards Twilight and others and was only nice to those she cared for which in Chrysalis case would have the changelings. HER CHILDREN. But in the end, i know a lot of people would have gotten pissed at ANOTHER villain getting reformed so i can see why they didn't do that.


Gusty the Great did not show up which one on hand, it would have been interesting to see her, one more underdeveloped one off character at the end of the show wouldn't have mattered that much anymore anyway, but on the other hand, as i already said, shoving another character into the already bloated roster at the very end without giving the interesting lore behind her enough justice would have been not the best thing to do. But i would gi as far as to say, everything is better than what we actually got.


No alicorn mane 6.


And no alicorn Starlight, and thank God or else a pretty big chunk of the fandom would have smashed their TVs or computers and the staff would have probably gotten even more deathtreats than when they released the final episodes early on a dutch streaming website. Which is just, DON'T DO THAT!


And about the final episode.


What i would have like to see was an older version of Cadence and (as little as i care for the character), a grown up Flurry Heart. Even thought i don't know how long the timeskip was, i'm glad we didn't get to see older versions of Celestia and Luna. Like, not very slightly aged up versions like the ones of the mane 6 but super old versions. They always looked beautiful and perfectly fine in their pony forms in the show, and i already had to suffer through laying my eyes upon this.







And at last but not least, a little complaint about S9 in general. Remember the treehouse that the tree of harmony regrew into from Episode 3? We never thoroughly explored that. People said it was only made to sell toys but even when so why not take the chance and thoroughly explore it in a few episodes? We only saw a bit of the inside in one episode. Why not have the student 6 go on CmC-like adventures? Let the spirit talk to them and call them to places they might be needed. Show us details about the treehouse in the background. But nah, let it be forgotten.

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You might even say they're ... hardened criminals! Couldn't have happened to a gneisser bunch, if you ask me. They almost achieved enlightenment on their quest for Grogar's Bell, but gave in to their basalt instincts too quickly. In the end, their stubborn unconformity proved to be a losing strata-gem. They thought they were too smart for the Main 6, but our heroes had them all figure’d out. So ossified in their selfish ways that even with their partnership cemented, in aggregate they still didn’t have a concrete understanding of true power of friendship. They had their prey cornered, but still their quarry turned the tables on them. At least they weren’t reduced to graveling at the ponies’ hooves.

But on the whole, this is probably for the best. I mean, look at them.
Tirek has never been tuffer. Chrysalis is rocking that statuesque physique. Cozy Glow was slated to slide down the path to madness, but now she’ll never loess her marbles.
All in all, I think we can chalk this one up as a victory for the baddies. Maybe, after they’ve had enough time to coal their jets, they shale realize the error of their ways and learn not to be so flint-hearted.


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ALSO. Shortly after the finale came out i have found those pictures and OOF.
























This just looks soo fucking dope. The person who made those doesn't seem to be done yet, soo at the moment those are all i could find, but damn. This looks soo fucking cool!


Can someone animate this? Or voice over those pictures? This is just wow.

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While i'm still working on my big fat in depth, well i guess you can call it "analysis", in the meantime here are some more nitpicks.



Celestia and Luna, being in posession of the book about Grogats bell, and technically being educated on that it absorbs magic and attacks, just blindly firing at Cozy Glow with the bell is stupid.




When the whole "prison" is clustered with MaGic ReSiStEnT sHaRdS shouldn't some of Starlights all around blast that frees everyone bounce off some surfaces like it did earlier with Tireks blast?




At no significant point during this finale do Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow work together, like they did in Episode 8 "Frenemies". The thing that brought them this far and into the possesion of the bell in the first place. As soon after they get all powered up by the bell, all teamwork goes out of the window. They attack seperately. After they've had as good as won, aside from Twilight escaping they get all butthurt over power and the magic they absorbed with the bell. And even in the final "battle" when the mane 6 try to work together to get the bell, they are just confused and act like idiots instead of trying to work together to overcome the last obstacle that keeps them from ruling over everything. Completly shitting on and invalidating all the (i hoped to be) meaningful character developement they had in Episode 8 "Frenemies".




They also could have just absorbed the magic of the mane 6 with the bell and fuck em up with that. Like they did with Discord. Hell, Tirek alone could have absorbed them all by himself! But i guess the plotarmor had to be strong with the mane 6 here.


That's only further highlighted by the fact that the attacks of the villains seem to inflict no damage to the ones directly hit by it whatsoever.


Remember when one blast from Nightmare Moon knocked Celestia out for a while?




Here we have a powered up Cozy Glow (who despite being a child should still be at least on a similar level as the princesses in terms of power here) hitting Twilight with a blast. And she quickly get's up again after this and seems to be fine.




Here we have a powered up Chrysalis (who should be MUCH STRONGER than Nightmare Moon) shooting a blast at Starlight. Just slightly burned.




I mean, were Chrysalis and Co just firing off tickle blasts? Were they not trying to stop their enemies with their attacks by knocking them out or straight up eradicating them like they should have if they were powerscaled properly?


Spike and Rarity should be dead here.




This seems to be what it looks like when you're beeing serious with your attacks.




But hey, what does the show care for consistency and powerscaling?


I think it's also dumb how the Changelings just blindly charge at the villains and Chrysalis without even trying to talk to her. You know, THEIR MOTHER WHO SHIT THEM OUT AND FUCKING RAISED THEM! Even if her way of trying to feed the changelings was too violent to them. Not even a single word towards Chrysalis after the villains got turned into a statue.




I can complain about this trainwreck all day long. And the more i think about it the more shit i find and the worse it get's.

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Here are more gorgeous pictures of a finale that would have been fantastic.












The Sunset Shimmer canonization here really caught me off guard and i think is a bit weird. But hey, FANmade.


The person making those said she would post a video of the full version on Youtube in late December 2019 or January 2020, but it seems that hasn't happened yet, which is a bit disappointing. A few typos in the dialogue aside, i hope to still see the full thing sometime later this year.


And before we get completly off topic from the actual finale, here's one more nitpick.


Celestia doesn't check the castle, archives and the room where all the forbidden things (like the book that tells you how to use Grogars bell) are, to check that everything is fine and in place before moving out of the castle? She should have done that. If she wasn't written like a braindead moron.


And on the topic of my "in depth analysis" of the finale. I might turn it into 2 seperate topics. One called "Grogar should have been the final villain" and the other one (which i have been working on for quite a while now) called "Discord is unredeemable". Because on one hand i feel like i already said everything that needs to be said on why i hate the S9 finale so much. And on the other hand, i sometimes feel like i'm not smart enough to create a well made in depth analysis, so i might scale it down a bit. But i will try to deliver those two big topics when i can.


See ya all.

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