Can a better future be attained?

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We all want the world where there is no conflict, but only peace and harmony exists. But there are people in the world that only revel in the pain and suffering of others, only thinking of themselves while outright declaring war on those who have done them no wrong. So I ask you:


If you got a glimpse of the future and were frightened by what you saw.. what would you do with that information?
Would you... go to the politicians? Captains of industry..? How would you convince them of data... facts...
good luck.


The only facts they won't challenge are the ones that grease the gears and keep the money rolling. But.. what if there was a way of skipping the middle man.. and putting the news into everyone's head?


The probability of worldwide annihilation kept going up and the only way to stop it was to show it, to scare people straight. what kind of reasonable person wouldn't be galvanized by the destruction of everything they've ever known or loved?


To save civilization, I would show its collapse.

They would gobble it up, they wouldn't fear their imminent demise, they would repackage it. It can be enjoyed as movies, video game, books, tv shows as the whole world braced for the apocalypse and sprinted towards it with gleeful abandon and meanwhile, the earth was crumbling around you..  you got major epidemics of obesity and starvation.

Bees and butterflies start to disappear... 
the glaciers melt...
Algae bloomed all around you.
the coal mine canaries are dropping dead and they just won't take the hint!


In every moment there's a possibility of a better future... but people won't believe it...
and because they won't believe it they won't do what's necessary to make it a reality.

You dwell on this terrible future, you resign yourselves to it... for one reason...


Because that future doesn't ask anything of you today. So yes, we saw the iceberg, we warned the titanic... but they still steamed forward still looking ahead




Because they wanted to sink... they gave up. It's nobody's fault but theirs.

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That is something a character said in a movie once, but I want to know what the world could do to try and obtain a better future from you all. What would you do?

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>Trusting the industrial bourgeoisie.

>Trusting the politicians.


A hopeful future can only be attained through reallocating the local resources back into the hands of locals. The accumulation of wealth through property by the 'industrial captains' only serves to widen existing wealth gaps and to create an increasingly alienated ruling class. Alienating separation between the many and the ruling few can spell the difference between the guillotine suddenly sounding like a very, very good idea and we finding ourselves a Robespierre to see to the executions en'masse of the aristocracy and their conspirators.


And the politicians on the national scale answer only to their higher interests, and not to us. We don't even pay their salaries.


The future is our own, and we need to take control. Fuck this nation shit and all its chauvinism. The immortal dialectical science of Bookchin forever. Biji Biji Rojava.

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