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Walk in Adobe Animate CC

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Hi, I would like to ask a question about how to do a walking animation in the program of Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash). What tools are needed, it is desirable not to make each frame separately, because the quality of this suffers. I asked this question on the sites of my country, but since on Russian-language sites do not prompt even how to rename the folder then it's useless to go there.


So, so, for the animation, I took this puppet:, in it every border is a separate layer. To begin with, I tried to change the shape of the foot and add the animation of the form, it did not work out, because the form animation was not available, I have no idea in what case this function is available, and in what does not. Trying to combine different layers did not help, everything is crooked.


I can make a classic animation of the movement, but when it comes to the smooth movement of the foot walk on one layer, I did not mean that the oak, I stump. I need help.

The animation should be something like this:

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