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Hey everypony! Really excited to join EQD. I wanted to do so since i found out about this place and now am in!! I am from Cuba and its really hard to get pony stuff from the internet but my brony spirit doesn't surrender. Can somepony tell me how did you get into brony fandom? I don't know how I did.

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I never really fell into the concept that falls into the "brony" ideology that it became presented on the aspect of the internet itself. Im a huge Disney junky, and i was one day just laughing at pony stuff. (As my sister and I would usually take the old Pony based stuff when we were much younger, and play with them while burning or melting cheap knock offs of barbie and such). Being part of the death metal scene and such for some time I was kinda not really into that stuff. But let's just say i was one day listening to music. And I heard a song on there while i was writing down some stuff (for my work as i was at the time working for an exotic pet store) and i was like. "This is really cool. Pretty close to Disney level I have to hear it again" It actually was from EG the Everfree camping movie itself. So i listened to the track again and was like "damn this is good". So I went towards watching all of EG and heard many different songs they presented. I thought to myself as I watched it essentially backward that I would then step into watching mlp.

Interesting that it would be hard in Cuba to get your hands on it. Though i can't say I'm really surprised. The world has many oddities in which they put different bans or hard to get aspects in materials. I just hope that you enjoyed your Holidays and had a good new year.

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