Who is Best Shadowbolt?  

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  1. 1. Which Shadowbolts do You Like More?

    • The trio that appeared at the drawbridge in the series premiere of FiM to tempt Rainbow Dash
    • The Crystal Prep girls from EqG
  2. 2. Best Shadowbolt? (Hint: The correct answer is Lemon Zest :3)

    • Lemon Zest
    • Sugar Coat
    • Sour Sweet
    • Indigo Zap
    • Sunny Flare
    • Descent
    • Nightingale
    • Nightshade

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"The Shadowbolts Fan Club"


This thread is dedicated to all things Shadowbolt, whether you are referring to the evil counterparts of the Wonderbolts introduced in the series premiere of FiM, or, more likely, the Shadow Five - Lemon Zest, Sour Sweet, Sugar Coat, and Sunny Flare; the girls of Crystal Prep that were Twilight's teammates in Friendship Games and appeared again in Dance Magic and Mirror Magic.


Feel free to post pics, gifs, videos, and/or comments about them!!



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