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King Sombra is a Kirin (Fan Theory Discussion)

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Believe it or not, theories such as these were once a thing and I decided to finally give my input.



I have a confession to make. No, it’s not that I’m too obsessed with King Sombra and need help. It’s that my last theory about him...wasn’t exactly complete. There was one more thing I wanted to discuss that I refrained from bringing up because I felt it would overcomplicate the theory and ultimately not fit. Originally, in my theory regarding Sombra being created by Discord, there was a section of the theory I wanted to reserve for talking about him...being a kirin.

Fascinatingly crazy as that notion sounds, I can’t take credit for the idea. I’ve always had my doubts about Sombra being dead and I’ve always felt that there’s a bigger connection to Discord and Sombra than meets the eye, but finding out about Kirin Sombra theories was a complete surprise. Since this is just my take on the idea combined with what I’m expanding on from a part of my last theory that was scrapped, this is not going to be a long theory, but more of a venue for discussion.  

Kirin Sombra Theories?

Yeah...since they’ve fallen into obscurity lately (and since obscurity by fan theory standards is pretty obscure), likely due to dissatisfaction with Sombra’s return in the Season 9 premiere, I’ll give you the basic slip. There’s been all sorts of speculation on what exactly King Sombra is since he was first introduced. You would think theories about him being a kirin couldn’t possibly circulate before kirin were introduced in the show towards the end of Season 8, but don’t forget that kirin were around in folklore long before MLP was even a thought. Reportedly, these theories existed before they gained steam in the fall of 2018, but since they are part of a little known subculture, I can’t absolutely confirm this.

Regardless, the spark that ignited these discussions at that time was obviously the debut of kirin in the show, and the evidence supporting Sombra being a kirin, or at least partly kirin, that was presented was the similarity between his design and the design of the kirin. They both have curved horns, muzzles, red-colored horns, and odd shapes in their horns, despite Sombra having two holes in his horn rather than lines. Taking the nirik form of the kirin into account, they also both have fangs, black coats, and an aura exuding from their eyes. And since Sombra has only been seen without his armor in one scene of the show, where he was being “turned to shadow”, the very description explaining the discrepancy, it’s possible he simply hides the rest of his kirin features underneath his armor.

My Personal Thoughts  

There’s a reason why I am not going to talk about this theory in (my idea of) great length. It’s certainly not because anything about this theory is any stupider than anything I’ve brought to the table. No, my Sombra theories are much more out there and I do quite like the idea. It’s just that it’s not one of those theories that demands much elaboration, it’s very straightforward and self-explanatory. However, I feel it could be expanded upon with more evidence that I feel would otherwise be overlooked…  

First of all, to my surprise, I have yet to see people bring up how both King Sombra and the nirik can create magical fire. Granted, we don’t ever see how Sombra creates the magical fire surrounding him in the show, but it’s well worth noting. The nirik may only be able to do this when they’re enraged, but it’s very well possible for Sombra to constantly be possessed by anger (a demon even, but that’s an entirely different subject). His eyes do always turn green, the way the show indicates a character being possessed, after all.

The nirik also lose features of their hair from their kirin form, explaining how Sombra could have no neck hair or kirin-like tail. His horn is still significantly different in appearance, but appearances are not everything. Whenever Sombra casts magic in the show, he does not do so like an ordinary unicorn. While every other unicorn in the show has a horn that becomes entirely surrounded with magic when they are casting a spell, Sombra’s horn instead produces bubbles that merge together around the upper red part of his horn, never surrounding the bottom that you can still see as gray. These bubbles match the shape of his horn’s holes, and only the kirin have the shapes on their horns glow when they cast magic rather than having their entire horns engulfed in magic.  

Only a series of coincidental design choices? That isn’t all. The Sombra-like shadow from Between Dark and Dawn was in a forested area, the same kind of location as Kirin Village. Some would say the assertion of King Sombra being a kirin contradicts my hypothesis of him being connected to the Tree of Harmony, but I disagree. Discord revives Sombra inside of a magical seed like I speculated, proven is that he was brought back from the ground, then he grows to look like the kind of creature that always stays close to nature. There seems to be some sort of pattern here…

Putting It All Together

Personally though, I’d lean more towards Sombra being a kirin hybrid. There are just so many ways to speculate on what his true form really is that a hybrid is the safest bet. It’s also the more interesting idea, since this would make him even more likely to be connected to Discord. Discord is also a hybrid, albeit of completely different creatures. However, what’s even more incredible is the fact that this also ties in with what was revealed in the Season 8 finale, all the monsters in Tartarus the ponies encountered over the show turning out to be hybrids of animals after they lost their magic.

Some use this fact to argue that Discord was created by Grogar. Even if it were to turn out Sombra wasn’t created by Discord like I theorized, it’s still very possible that Sombra was actually created by Grogar. Father and son, brothers, friends, any of those things with air quotes, whatever they may be, I continue to find evidence that these two are connected in some way. I’m not done either. Inevitably, this theory will end with me again exploring themes in the show that would tie everything together. In this case, what could be two very subtle hints of Sombra’s kirinhood.

The first hint is how Sombra makes the very familiar transition in the show of being a character who barely ever talks to being a character who talks all the time. This parallel to Autumn Blaze would already be an astounding coincidence if it were, but even funnier is how Sombra’s reputation of being a blank slate fits with the kirin. So little was known of the kirin in Sounds of Silence that it was believed kirin and nirik were two separate kinds of creatures, shown by the way Twilight describes them. This further strengthens the possibility that Celestia and Luna didn’t know of Sombra’s shadowy nature when they banished him.

The second hint is, once again, Yin and Yang. Just for the record, when I spoke of the show’s first direct acknowledgement of the importance of light and darkness in the world in the finale in my last theory, I was only referring to the first time it directly acknowledges it. I talked about its subtle acknowledgement in The Crystal Empire in my second Sombra theory and already knew of the subtle acknowledgement in the song, A Kirin’s Tale. Again, what a funny coincidence this would be. I’ve already said all I wanted to say about Sombra being like the show’s Yang, so instead, I’ll mention how Discord has been referred to as the show’s Yang, by prominent analysts like Silver Quill no less.

The show’s theme is harmony and Discord is a being of pure chaos, as they say. The show’s theme is light as well. Therefore, wouldn’t the show also need a being of pure darkness in order to maintain balance? Out of every character in the show, King Sombra is the only perfect fit. This would further prove that his nature is interwoven with Discord’s nature in some way.


In conclusion, I don’t believe the parallels between Sombra and the kirin are just a coincidence. This theory went on longer than I intended, but I still feel that it’s the simplest theory I’ve done so far. It’s only a mini-theory meant to provoke discussion after all, and while the term “mini-theory” is debatable, keep in mind that this was originally going to be in my last theory before it was cut for the sake of the theory’s organization. This isn’t really so much “my theory”, but more or less my take on a theory, personal input I felt I could add. I feel I’ve said enough for now, I’ll save my breath for when King Sombra makes a short cameo in Pony Life.

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Next theory: Sombra can jump through dimensions and now he's in G5.


Just kidding.


Keep up the good work, man. ;)

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Yeah, Sombra could possibly be a half-Kirin (an idea that has also been floated by Dr. Wolf for Gusty the Great). His horn is unusual, but it doesn't look like a typical Kirin-horn; also, Sombra doesn't seem to have either a Nirik form or a Kirin's tail or mane. We also haven't seen scales on his back. It would also be helpful to confirm whether Sombra has a cutie mark. And then there's the matter of Sombra's fangs.





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