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I've just remembered another fanfic that I lost years ago but enjoyed reading. Unfortunately, I didn't read very far into this one at the time and so only remember a few scraps of info. :( What I do remember is that it takes place in a "Dungeons & Dragons" version of Equestria and starts with some of the Mane 6 meeting up on the road. Applejack is what I believe to be a disgraced paladin. It didn't reveal such a thing so early, but she had a sheathed sword, and I think a brand on her face, and she had to use the sword as a club without drawing the blade, but fighting at all hurt her somehow as if she were cursed. Rainbow Dash was an exiled barbarian who had been left to die by her clan and was saved and adopted by a mage. Twilight Sparkle was an apprentice mage who the story hints caused a disaster known as the "Starfall" if I remember right, which destroyed a city. I can't remember what Rarity was, but she and Sweetie Belle were attacked by monsters and Sweetie is almost turned into a vargouille but is saved by a magic-user healing her (Twilight, Applejack, or Fluffershy, I think?). I think there's also an airship in there somewhere, but that's all I can remember of the story. Does anybody know the name of the fic I'm talking about?

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