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Anypony into hookah?

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Lately, I've been curious about hookahs, and I might get one.


If any of you are hookah smokers, what flavors would you recommend? And should I get my hookah on Amazon or from the store downtown that sells bongs and hookahs? IDK which would be cheaper, price-wise.


And before somepony say, "Smoking a hookah is like smoking 100 cigarettes," please watch this: [LINK]


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Sounds interesting! I watched the link and I agree that there are positives to these activities, and not just extreme health problems. Personally I have no preference towards hookahs or cigarettes, but instead I'm more intrigued by hallucinogenics. Drugs like Shrooms and LSD. I am not yet able to try these yet, but I do plan to look into these in the future.

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