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This steam user "Umbre" has stolen some artwork recently from some well known artists.

Here is his/her steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/Normalumbreon?tscn=1495119365


And here is the conversation we had:

1: http://imgur.com/gOUONld

2: http://imgur.com/AGo3fiA

3: http://imgur.com/1yXLljs

He also ended up blocking me afterwards when he was found out



So as you can tell i HATE people who steal art, especially those who will go out of their way and straight up lie to my face, so i urge you to leave a comment on this guy/girl's profile telling him to take down the artwork;


Thanks for reading and take care :)




So i found out he has been harassing others by judging their artwork (Kinda contradictory eh?).


Proof: (Images provided by "Mistress Woona Sparkle"

1: https://prnt.sc/f3lrmk

2: https://prnt.sc/f3ls5b

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Added proof for harrasment

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I don't necessarily see him or her posting art as if they're stealing it, more that they're blogging it. True it's lacking any sort of sourcing, but also given what they've posted the style is so inconsistent then it'd be easily figured out that it's not by him.


SFM shit is a different story, but now a days SFM is sort of throw away.

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