Anypony else binge s1-9 of FiM?

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So I got back from school today, and I went to grab my headphones :partyhard: from my kindle (I had been re-watching, and I was at  "Sonic Rainboom" s1 e16:awesomedash:,) when I realized that it had been playing ALL DAY! :applejackhate: it had gone all the way up to s2 ep 15 "Super Speedy cider Squeezy 6000". :applejargh:


But anyways.... I'd like to know if any of you, also like to binge or rewatch FiM. Happy 2 days til Derpy/Muffins/Ditzy-Doo appreciation day! :derpydance::derpydance::derpydance:


Thank you! :sunset:

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