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Bat Pony Home-brew for Tails of Equestria

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I came up with this a few months ago and just recently revised it. I game my Bat ponies Stout Heart (D4) because it works well for my conception of them as being stronger and more robust than a Pegasus and because I saw that this was also done with the Kirin.



Talents: Fly (D6), Night Vision (D4), Stout Heart (D4), Pick one appropriate Cutie Mark talent
Quirks: Weakness: Bright Light (D6), Choose one

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Accustomed to the harsh winds of the Trotsylvanian Alps, Bat ponies are strong flyers--though not as agile as Pegasi--with bat-like wings, tufted ears and cat-like eyes with slit pupils that allow them to see very well at night. They typically have gray coats, black wings and dark-colored manes and tails, though other coat and mane colors do occur. It's true that Bat ponies have fangs, mostly used for sucking the juice out of fruits--a favorite being mangoes. Bat ponies dwell in a chain of mountains located east of Equestria, and might be related to Pegasi (though Bat ponies themselves dispute this). Bat ponies make up the Night Guard of Princess Luna.

Bat ponies are nocturnal by nature. Prolonged, unprotected exposure to sunlight or other bright light can cause blindness that lasts from several hours up to a couple of days. Their unusual appearance and nocturnal habits, combined with a reputation for fierceness, have given rise to the rumor that Bat ponies are vampires; however, this is just a tall tale spread by superstitious ponies.

Night Vision (D4)

pony with this talent can see very well in the dark, though not in complete blackness. The downside is that the pony also gains the quirk of Weakness: Bright Light

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It's come to my attention that the name Thestrals is not only from the Harry Potter books, but was actually coined by J.K. Rowling. That being the case, it might not be the best name for Equestrian Bat ponies. There are, however, a couple of bat-winged horses from Portuguese legends that might be of use. From No1MporXant over at Deviant Art:




In Portugal Mythology they have two similar yet different Bat-Winged Horses, there's Cavalo do Pensamento (a good-guy), and the Cavalum (a Bad-Guy), both are described as Horses with Bat Wings, can breath Fire, and can generate Storms, however Cavalo do Pensamento also has the ability to appear before those who think about it intensely (like some sort of ESP power or something) and offers them a ride, while Cavalum has the caves of Furnas do Cavalum named after it & is said to be it's prison.


Maybe you could call This horse a Cavalum?



I'm not sure that I would have Bat ponies breathe fire, but they might call themselves the Cavalum (both singular and plural). Weather-control is particularly fitting for flying Ponies of Equestria.


The fanfic "Interview with a Batpony" by brony Gulhero introduces the term noctral (or Noctral; pronounced nok-TRRRAHL), which in the ancient dialect of the Bat ponies would translate as "night-dweller"

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Even though I opted not to give Bat ponies the ability of echolocation (neither Fruit Bats nor Vampire Fruit Bats have it), it might still be made available as a cutie mark talent:

Talent: Echolocation (Bat pony and creature only). The creature that possesses echolocation is able to use ultrasound to send out signals that bounce off of objects to let her "see" at night and even in complete darkness. Treat as Truesight against invisible creatures: You automatically succeed at tests to see invisible creatures who have an Invisibility talent die equal or lower than your Echolocation talent die, e.g. a creature with Echolocation (D6) always succeeds against a creature using Invisibility (D6), but against a creature with Invisibility (D8) she would have to roll as normal.

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