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Tails of Equestria: Cutie Mark Talent (Home-brew) - Alternate Form

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Props to Adrienne Gentry, whose pony-character Adean inspired this home-brew.

Cutie Mark Talent: Alternate Form
You were born as a normal pony even though your parents were of two different species. You seemed perfectly ordinary until the day you got your cutie mark, revealing a surprising talent. You discovered that you can change from a pony to a form resembling your non-pony parent. Your new shape has its own talents and traits, plus the ability to transform back into a pony.

A pony with the talent Alternate Form maintains two separate character sheets, one for each form. Both forms start at 1st level unless the Storyteller allows the players to begin the game at a higher level. In the later case, the Storyteller will decide the beginning levels for both forms. (Alternately, the player begins at 0 level and discovers the Alternate Form talent upon getting their cutie mark. in this case, the Storyteller may also insist that the alternate form starts at 0 level). The pony starts with Friendship Tokens for only one form and must share the tokens between both forms. The character can only advance in a form that was used in the game session; if both forms were used then both may advance.


So, does this seem playable? How would you improve it? Would you ban it from your table?

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