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Dr Ned

SD Gundam Gaiden Knight Gundam's Quest Rp

Favorite Gundam  

  1. 1. which Gundam do you like

    • Strike Freedom
    • Infinite Justice
    • Legend Gundam
    • Heavy Arms Gundam
    • Wing Gundam Zero
    • Zeta Gundam

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Long Ago Lacroa lived in a Peace till He Shattered Harmony

Brought a Great Calamity to the Dying Land

Only then Shining with Hope shall appear a Great Hero

Save the Kingdom banish foes and begin Rebirth

as the Crystal begins the Sway the Knight Brings the light of day

and follows the Heroes way......... *the Narrator is sent flying by Musha Gundam*

Musha Gundam: *punches Narrator out of the scene*"I thought he'd never shut up"

Command Gundam: "well there goes the Narrator"

Berserker Guncannon: "so now what?"

Cleric Guntank: "we still have to find the Knight"

Musha Gundam: "we don't need the Knight i'm strong enough to take the dark lord"

Command Gundam: *Rolls Eyes*


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