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Tails of Equestria - New Talent: Alchemy and Official Potion Rules

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Creature Feature at the Tails of Equestria Facebook page has provided a new write-up for Zecora, giving her the new Talent of Alchemy (replacing both Healing Touch and Keen Knowledge: Potions) and providing official rules for creating potions:


Zecora has a brand new talent called alchemy,
Her potions can give powers and restore vitality.
For rules on how these mystical gifts do work,
Follow this link, and do not choose the rhyming Quirk.


The description for Alchemy with rules for creating potions are available as a free download:

I'm not particularly happy with the rule that the alchemist can only have one active potion at a time, but the rule was probably invented to keep the Alchemy Talent from being abused.

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