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i love vaporwave and discovering all the sub genres under it, i also enjoy making aesthetic images in photoshop and editing videos together for fun. rn im really into channelwave and hardvapor but i dip into psychwave sometimes. if its chill id like to be directed to a place where i can share the aesthetic videos i put out, i just posted a few as a status update on my profile.

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Hello, @GPrOeWaEtRaFnUdL!


First off, welcome to the forums! :squee: I hope you enjoy yourself here and meet new friends! ^_^


To answer your question on where to post things that are PMVs and animations, I suggest in the Rocket Tier's Theater sub-forum. Posting status updates are perfectly fine as well!


I'm looking forward to see what you create! Have a great time! :yay:

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