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Tails of Equestria: Kelpie (MLP:MiF #23 & 24)

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Cassie the Kelpie created by Jeremy Whitley (writer) and Amy Mebberson (artist)

Body: D8 Mind: D6 Charm: D6 Stamina: 14
Talents: Special Skill: Swimming (D8), Pick one appropriate Cutie Mark talent.
Quirk: Impulsive


Kelpies are water creatures that live in rivers, lakes and the sea. Their physical appearance can vary wildly. The fresh-water Kelpie who almost drowned the residents of Ponyville had the head and mane of a pony, a long snake-like body, an eel-like tail, and four frond-like fins with matching spines on her back. Kelpies who live among other creatures (such as the Zebra of Farasi) can have a very Pony-like appearance. Sea-dwelling Kelpies more closely resemble Seaponies with scaly torsos, and live in the undersea city of Coltlantis. Fresh-water Kelpies possess Cutie Marks; sea-dwelling Kelpies do not seem to have them.


external image


Kelpies can be very protective of the bodies of water where they live and of the creatures that dwell in them. Some possess a Hypnotizing Song. If such a Kelpie feels that it or its home is threatened, it can attempt to use its Hypnotizing Song to place any Ponies within hearing under its control either to send them away or otherwise do as it commands.


New Talent: Hypnotizing Song (Kelpies only)
When a creature with this talent feels threatened it will attempt to use its song to place any Ponies within hearing range under its control. This talent only works on intelligent creatures, not on ordinary animals.

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