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Discord Moderator Application

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Name: GlimGlamShimSham

Which position are you applying for? Discord Mod

If Sectional/Forum Mod, which section(s)?  N/A

Why do you want to be an EQD Mod? I would like to be an EQD Mod so that I may be another asset to help keep the Discord server clean. I’m a regular on the server that checks every channel frequently throughout the day, and I have a good reputation with the majority of the users. I figured that because of this, it would make sense for me to try and become a moderator, as the only thing I would be incorporating into my time on Discord is the occasional rule enforcement or banning of a troll.

What prior moderation/administration experience do you have, if any? I have been a moderator numerous times throughout the years on the game “Garry’s Mod.” I have also been a moderator for a community chat once before.

Anything else you'd like to share: I tend to be a bit strict on the rules when it comes to being in a position of power, but I know not to be too strict to the point of being unwelcoming. Also, I’m based in the US EST, but I can be on pretty much any hour of the day. I have an extremely flexible schedule, so almost no time is a bad time if I was to be needed.

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