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Honeyville - MLP Roleplay Discord

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Hi everyone! I've come bearing the gift of a chance to dust off your old MLP ocs with a friendly roleplay server! 

The server takes place in an alternate universe where ponyville never existed! 

You can find the server here

The community is friendly and welcoming. We havent been quite active since the server died off a bit after the school year started but we're looking to revive it! 




is there a currency system?

yes! We use bits as an IC currency and Diamonds as an OOC currency 


What kinds of characters can we use in the rp? 

Most species from the show! 


Do you do events?

We try to do events for every holiday and we might do weekly events 


What other stuff do you have in the server?

We have a commissions system where you can take commissions for diamonds, your OC can own their own shop, go to school, be in relationships, get married, have children, own a home and more!


Are hybrids allowed? 



Do the canon characters exist and can we use nextgens?

The canon characters dont exist. You can use the design for nextgens in the rp but you cant have their parents be canon characters 

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