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:hithere:Hey everypony! My school has recently sent a questionnaire:lunadance: on what song we want to walk to at graduation:soon:, and initially I thought I'd choose "Celestia's Ballad":proud:, but then I knew I needed something better,:celestia: and if anypony could help, it would be everypony! :sunset:so if anypony can think of some good final songs by tomorrow, (that's when it's due), that would be Amazing! songs don't have to be based on the show or any other hasbro :lunaew:new mlp releases, they can also be fan made:golfclop:, like all the special ones featured her on EQD.:chillin: thanks!



wish I really could go to CHS, but earth just isn't allowed to have deluxe education, are we?:trarkmmmmf:


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Good news! I have decided on "Hope Shines Eternal". :approve::boop::flattered::onigirirarity::notbad::dealwithit::sunset:


I am also opening this to any and all MLP music. fan made, remix, lyrics, original, song based, you name I'll take it.

I'll take your entire stock - Album on Imgur


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