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@Sparklefan1234 Your list of "100 Reasons Why Lyra Should Be An Alicorn" is so awesome, it is worth repeating here:


100 Reasons Why Lyra Should Be An Alicorn

By @Sparklefan1234:

  1. Lyra
  2. Lyra is friends with @Totally Lyra.
  3. Lyra & Bon Bon
  4. Lyra wants to help make Equestria a better place.
  5. Hands
  6. Feet
  7. Lyra is "Best Pony"! 
  8. Lyra enjoys sitting on benches.
  9. Being friends with Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  10. Being friends with Pinkie Pie.
  11. Being friends with Moon Dancer.
  12. Being friends with Minuette.
  13. Being friends with Lemon Hearts.
  14. Being friends with Twinkleshine.
  15. Lyra's mane is awesome!
  16. Lyra's coat is awsome!
  17. Lyra likes being noticed.
  18. Lyra invented fingerless gloves.
  19. Lyra brought electricity to Equestria.
  20. Lyra travels between Equestria & the Human world.
  21. Lyra likes salsa.
  22. Lyra can snap her fingers despite lacking fingers.
  23. Lyra plays the lyre.
  24. Lyra strongly dislikes mustard.
  25. Lyra is an agent with the Equestria Bueru of Investigation 
  26. Lyra often imagines what it's like to be a bird.
  27. Lyra likes waffles.
  28. Lyra likes pancakes.
  29. Lyra is clairvoyant.
  30. Lyra knows how to ride a bike
  31. Lyra's favorite television show is "My Little Human".
  32. Lyra owns a television.
  33. Lyra owns a radio.
  34. Lyra introduced Equestria to grilled vegetables.
  35. Lyra likes to party.
  36. Lyra likes to partay.
  37. Lyra uses her magic for good.
  38. Lyra likes reserching human behaviors.
  39. Lyra plans to create her own human one day with Time Turner's assistance.
  40. Lyra passed her driving test.
  41. Lyra has 20/20 vision.
  42. Lyra likes pickle's.
  43. Lyra collects stamps.
  44. Lyra likes hiking.
  45. Lyra enjoys dancing.
  46. Lyra won her school spelling bee.
  47. Lyra makes ponies & people smile.
  48. Lyra is the only pony to attend a human high school.
  49. Lyra likes peanut butter.
  50. Lyra likes candy.
  51. Lyra works at the CDHPV (Canterlot Department of Hoof-Powered Vehicles)
  52. Lyra is a natural blonde.
  53. Lyra likes to laugh.
  54. Lyra loves her friends.
  55. Lyra likes roller coasters.
  56. Lyra likes roller skating.
  57. Lyra likes ice skating.
  58. Lyra is a member of Ponyville's Winter Wrap Up Weather Team Unicorn Division.
  59. Lyra loves strawberries.
  60. Lyra hasn't met a pony she hasn't liked.
  61. Lyra is a member of "Team Rarity".
  62. Lyra won the "Running of the Leaves" in 2010.
  63. Lyra likes checkers.
  64. Lyra can swim.
  65. Lyra loves to bird watch.
  66. Lyra can sleep with her eyes open.
  67. Lyra can drive a car.
  68. Lyra likes to eat veggie burgers.
  69. Lyra likes ketchup.
  70. Lyra likes watching scary movies.
  71. Lyra likes watching romantic movies.
  72. Lyra dislikes dramatic movies.
  73. Lyra is a unicorn.
  74. Lyra loves interacting with people.
  75. Lyra likes white water rafting.
  76. Lyra is afraid of the dark.
  77. Lyra has a night light.
  78. Lyra foalsat Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  79. Lyra was accepted to "Princess Celestia School for Gifted Unicorns".
  80. Lyra has homes in Ponyville & Canterlot.
  81. Lyra always wins at board games.
  82. Lyra loves peppers.
  83. Lyra likes the cider from Sweet Apple Acres.
  84. Lyra likes to write.
  85. Lyra is modest.
  86. Lyra likes to make lists.
  87. Lyra is friends with everypony.
  88. Lyra is a "night owl".
  89. Lyra loves coffee.
  90. Lyra likes hay burgers.
  91. Lyra likes hay fries.
  92. Lyra can trot backwards.
  93. Lyra is competitive.
  94. Lyra is kind hearted.
  95. Lyra wishes on falling stars.
  96. Lyra believes snow brings her good luck.
  97. Lyra likes to sing.
  98. Lyra likes music.
  99. Lyra likes helping others.
  100. Lyra  outran two of Princess Celestia's "chosen ones" during the "Running of the Leaves" 2010.


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Alicorn Lyra Heartstringsby Elsdrake

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