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Nightmare Night is still seven months away. But will you give this cutie some candy anyway? With eternal night every night is Nightmare Night. x3




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@Light Blade


I do.


Yes, she might be a bit harsh sometimes but it is very likely the moment when Twilight arrived in the alternative timeline where she won is around the time they first met Starlight in the main timeline, then you can assume she beat all the villains that appeared up until S5. Not the mane 6, BUT SHE. She said "My sister has been banished to the moon for years" so years have passed since she returned and banishing Celestia was probably one of the first things she did without any mane 6 to stop her. She rebuilt the castle of the two sisters, ruled from there out, and took care of Discord, the Changelings, Sombra and probably didn't even let Tirek escape since his escape was probably caused by the cerberus escaping. She would probably just not let that happen in the first place. Aaaaaand i'm sure she would let the sun out at least a few times a week. Without sun and day the planet would freeze and everypony would die. Sooooo yeah, i would love to serve her.


Did i just sent you a paragraph explaining why Nightmare Moon is awesome?


Well, i am a huge Nighmare Moon fan after all sooooooo.




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