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Tomb of the Alicorn - RP Main Thread?

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The adventure begins with each of you embarking on the airship, Steady Wind, at Canterlot. The ship is known for its interconti nental trips throughout the world. The captain notes with a certain amount of pride that even Princess Celestia herself requests the ship when she ventures from Equestria to the shores of other countries. This is a special trip, its fourth in several weeks, taking ponies to the lands of the Minotaur. So it is not surprising that other ponies a on board with you making the trip to study a great find, or gawk as tourists, the Tomb of the Alicorn.


Each of you know that Professor Sand Script, archaeology, made the discovery while delving into ancient Minotaur history. That had been almost two months ago and his attempts to keep it quiet were thwarted when somepony decided to send word back to Equestria informing the world about the discovery. Worse, somepony brought up the fabled city of Alicorns and wondered if the tomb had some association. That sent everyone into a fever to come to the Minotaur lands to find out. By everyone, every academic, adventurer, and some with rather shady dispositions.


The biggest surprise on the trip was when A.K. Yearling boarded the ship. A popular aurthor of adventures center around the character, Daring Doo. At the moment, she has yet to disclose the reasons for her trip. Other than inspiration for her next block buster book.

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I am Phantom H. Fetlock, a Unicorn from a seafaring family living near Horseshoe Bay (the Fetlocks are known as the Pirate Knights of Horseshoe Bay). I'm wearing a red, naval-themed outfit with black light barding and a sheathed straight sabre with a shell-guarded hilt.


no caption

My cutie mark looks something like this: th?id=OIP.fmI53TeqlkxtQkCZyF-xMQAAAA&pid=Api&P=0&w=300&h=300

Learning that A.K. Yearling is on board, I have her pointed out to me and politely approach her. "Ms. Yearling? Please excuse me. I am Phantom H. Fetlock--yes, it's an odd name, but it's an old family one. It's a pleasure to meet you; I've found your Daring Do books very entertaining. Your biography from your books says that you are something of a student of history?"


NOTE: The last (and only) play-by-post campaign I've attempted fell apart when the DM ran out of time for it. Maybe I'll have better luck with a more free-form format!

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