Pony Life Episode 2: The Best of the Worst

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Title: The Best of the Worst


Synopsis: Rainbow Dash's competitive spirit is put to the test when a new pony challenges her to a contest unlike any other. Rainbow Dash faces off against Dishwater Slog in loser-take-all race to finally prove which pony is truly the worst.

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Pony Life Episode 2.





Okay Rarity, i will gaze upon your gems. Now can you please stop throwing gems at my face.


Pfffffff, this title card looks edgy as hell.




Alright, in the first scene we see Rainbow Dash (who was clearly sponsored by raycon earbuds)




walking around with a trophie on her head. This abonimation




which looks more like a cat and rivals Snips and Snails in terms of ugliness congratulates her for winning a race we didn't see and tells her how much he admires her. Rainbow Dash is beeing Rainbow Dash before crushing him with her Trophie.




She rushes to Sugarcube Corner where Pinkie Pie has put a picture of her on the wall amongst all of Pinkies employee of the month pictures and she mentions wanting to try out a new recipe for the Royal Jelly Juggernaut. That honestly surprised me a little bit because i thought after every episode the world would just reset to 0. But it seems we kept the achievements of the previous episode. Neat.


Pinkie slides a Sundea to our new character Dishwater Slog, who's there as a customer it seems, but he doesn't catch it, the glass breaks and everyone gasps at his dickish behavior.




He knocks at the table, Pinkie slides him another Sundae and he doesn't catch it again, breaking another glass. I guess they have the money and time to waste.


He challenges Rainbow Dash to a fail off, telling her that he's the best at beeing the worst and that she can't beat him at that.


Rainbiw Dash and Pinkie Pie laugh, saying "That makes no sense" and "It's nonsensical", which is a perfect way to describe this episodes synopsis to be honest.


But a little bit of "Awww, afraid of a little friendly competition? from Dishwater Slog makes Rainbow Dash angry




and she accepts.


Also, Twilight hides in her tail because Rainbow Dash yelled so loud.




Rainbow Dash does some awkward rhyming and Dishwater says she rhymes much better than him, declaring himself the winner of the first round. He follows up by saying "Whoever loses more in the next 24 hours wins.", "We compete in 3 categories, okay. Athletics, creativity and emotions."


Rainbow Dash says "Sit back and watch everypony. As the best does her worst."


And Applejack asks "Rainbow Dash, why would you try to be worse than you are?" Before looking at the viewer and saying "About the worst she has ever been was when she forgot to give back the book i lend her." Resulting in another awkward and unfunny 4th wall break by Applejack.


Cut to somewhere outside where Rainbow Dash lifts a building and Dishwater doesn't lift an empty can.


Cut to back inside Sugarcube corner where Pinkie Pie tells Rainbow Dash to fail to decorate a failed cake of hers. The cake ends up looking like one of those weird paintings where everything is just chaos and all over the place and for some reason Twilight get's all happy and exited over it, calling it "perfect randomness" and "beautiful.






Whatever. More stupid shit.


Twilight calling it beautiful results in Dishwater drawing a picture of himself over one of Pinkie Pies employee of the month pictures which Rainbow Dash and Pinkie call terrible, making him the winner of the second round. Those fucking idiots.


Rarity also walks in, only to faint from looking at Dishwashers picture and falls onto her couch that conveniently slides into the picture to catch her.


Rainbow Dash shows visible anger but Dishwater Slog tells her to not express her emotions so healthily or she's gonna lose the next round too. And he boops her.




One "we are halfway through" title card later and we are outside of Sugarcube corner again, where Rarity declares herself to be the judge of the round where they have to completly surpress their emotions to win.


Rainbow Dash stands there like this




trying to supress her emotions while her friends try to make her react with various means. Like Fluttershy shrinking herself and begging for a hug. Or Applejack yelling at her about that book she mentioned earlier and saying stupid shit like "There are too many colors in the Rainbow!".


It looks like it's working but oh no, here comes the ugly little filly from the begging of the episode running torwards Rainbiw Dash. Dishwater stretches out his legs, the filly trips over it and starts crying, making Rainbow Dash angry at him.


More stupid shit to waste my time. Big Fluttershy has a disorted voice of course.




And cat Dishwater.




Rainbow Dash calls him a jerk and declares a tie because he's so good at beeing a jerk. Dishwater asks for one final round decided by a race which Rainbow Dash highly dislikes.


"Rainbow Dash you don't have to do it", "But i never backed down from a challenge, let alone a race" back and forth inside sugarcube corner, followed by Rainbow Dash suggesting that drinking a potion could help her lose the race before she drinks a potion that makes her eyes look like the glowing eyes meme.






And it makes her shoot lasers from her eyes.


Then we're back outside where the race begins. Rainbow Dash dashes ahead while Dishwater sits down and reads some newspapers.


They both start walking backwards because that's somehow supposed to make them win by losing the race,




before the little filly cheers for Rainbow Dash, making her snap and revert back to her normal way of thinking with some nice repeated animation. And by nice i mean lazy.




Yes, it's this exact same animation.


She dashes forward, wins the race but loses to Dishwater. A big horseshoe made of flowers appears around Rainbow Dash and she celebrates staying herself while Dishwater whines and complains about that she did what she did.


They celebrate, Pinkie Pie calls Rainbow Dash "The worst at being the worst" and Rainbow Dash gives Applejack her book back (which she just pulls out of thin air). Twilight says how exited she is to read that book and Dishwater ends the episode by saying that he's gonna spoil the book for her.



Wow. Even i had trouble enjoying this episode. From the unfunny attemps at humor to Rainbow Dashes bizarre behavior to the unappealing character designs to the ending which makes me feel like this episode accomplished nothing.


How can a Dishwater Slog sustain himself when he's a lazy dick all the time? How does he earn his money to buy food and drink? Wouldn't he be all alone and with no friends if he treats everyone like garbage?


What is up with Rainbow Dashes questionable choice to particape in a bizzare competition for who can be the worst pony? What if Dishwater decided to do something like "The worst pony is who commits the worst crime" or "The worst pony is who eats the most junk food" or something like that? Something would have actually been damaging to Rainbow Dash in some shape or form? Would she have still participated in that?


If it was their goal to make me dislike the first two new characters they introduced in this show, well done, they succeeded.


This episode was bad.



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Here are two ideas.


When Rainbow Dash and Dishwater Slog are walking backwards to somehow lose the race, instead of cheering for her the little filly should instead be disappointed and say something like "What is this? Rainbow Dash is trying to lose? That's jarring and disappointing. I thought she always wanted to be the best and win. You're not my hero anymore. I'm gonna leave and cheer for somepony else, like Lightning Dust or some shit". And it takes Rainbow Dash realizing that trying to be the worst and a loser makes others dislike you to revert back to her normal mindset. Giving the little filly a tiny bit more depth other than just "Yay, i'm cheering for Rainbow Dash. She is the best!".


And after the race Dishwater Slog should realize the exact same thing, and with a bit of talk from the mane 6 maybe he could start considering trying to change a little bit. He could reappear as a short cameo in a future episode, showing how much he has changed since this episode. Maybe with him also looking better and more civilized and less like a homeless pony.

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I've been thinking about the scene in which Twilight gets all exited over Rainbow Dashes cake and calls it "Perfect Randomness" for a while and i've come to a conclusion.




Imagine Rarity walking in a few seconds earlier, taking one look at Rainbow Dashes cake and saying something along the lines of "Wahahaaa! What is this? This cake. Those colors. They're so random. I love it! It's perfect randomness!"


That would have been so much better.

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