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Sunny Ray

Sunset Stuck in Equestria (fanfic)

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                                               Part One:

Sunset Shimmer was walking to Principal Celestia’s office. She had volunteered to give a tour to a new student. “ I sure hope she’s not an evil Siren with a plan to take over Canterlot high” she thought.


Zinnia Dawn hated the thought of being the new girl. Everyone would gawk at her, spread rumors about her, AND it would be super hard to make friends, since all of her friends were in her old school. “Making new friends is always great!” Zinnia’s mom would say. Zinnia disagreed. She was angry with her mother and father. “Why did her dad have to get a new job?” She thought. “I miss my friends, teachers, school, and home”. Zinnia got off the car. She stared at the building “so this is my new school” she muttered. She stared at an old cracked statue, then suddenly something came out of it. A beautiful silver amulet. Then, she put it on, and for some strange reason, after she put on the amulet her eyes glowed red, and  for another strange reason, she wanted to destroy these seven girls, who she didn’t even know their names, were Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, and  Sunset Shimmer.


To be continued…






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