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Pony Life Episode 3: How Applejack Got Her Hat Back

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Title: How Applejack Got Her Hat Back


Synopsis: Applejack finds herself in the midst of an identity crisis when her signature hat becomes a city-wide fashion craze. Applejack joins a group of alternative ponies in the hopes finding a new style to replace her old look.

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Before getting into this episode, this premise already turns me off a bit because it sounds stupid as hell. When did Applejack ever give two fucks about fashion? But i may be judging it too early.


Pony Life Episode 3.



This episode starts out with what seems to be a flashforward in which Rarity wears Applejacks hat and Applejack wears a beret. Dramatic lightning, she breaks the fourth wall and says "This is a love story. About hats"


As somebody who hates flashforward scenes in movies and in general, i want to ask, was this necessary? Couldn't we have just started out the episode in Sugarcube Corner where it cuts to after the first scene?


Whatever. The mane 6 are cleaning Sugarcube corner. Pinkie says that the hometown cook-offs are right around the corner and that she needs it cleaned as fast a possible while holding a pudding.


Rarity walks in with a copy of Applejacks hat before zooming past Pinkie Pie fast enough to make her pudding drop on the toaster Fluttershy just cleaned.




I guess Rarity is fast enough to generate enough force in the air around her to do that. Rainbow Dash would be proud.


Pinkie is so amazed at Raritys hat that her face sparkles. Rarity tells her how she struggled to find something to wear today and we then get a short scene from earlier that day of her starting to cry in a pile of clothes (because that's the Rarity i know. Constantly crying) before Applejack walks by, says "Good Morning Rarity" and by just looking at her Rarity gets a Jimmy Neutron brain blast




of wearing a hat like the one Applejack has.


And for some reason the door was open. And there seems to be an ocean in the distance? Is Rarity living near the ocean now?


Cut back to Sugarcube corner where a package slides in.




It's another Applejack hat, this time ordered by Rainbow Dash. Aside from the box looking pretty big for a simple hat i'm wondering. When and why did Rainbow Dash start to go all crazy over Applejacks hat to the point where she ordered one too?


Well, now is not the time to answer this question. Another package containing another Applejack hat slides in. This time it's for Twilight. She puts it on and says "Ya all!"




without Applejack smacking the shit out of her for this.


Another package, this time for Fluttershy. And somehow her package just opens itself and the hat just magically puts itself on her head without anyone touching anything. She says "I'm a hat pony now." and i guess it's supposed to be cute?


Rarity says "Oh Rarity. You tastemaking, talented trendsetter. You've done it again!" while spitting out sparkles, and i don't know if that's supposed to imply that she thinks they all got the idea from her, when Applejack was the one who quote on quote "was the original one". Is the moral of this episode gonna be that some trends are bAd and that you shouldn't follow every trend or try to actively go against it? Or is it gonna be that you shouldn't make a big deal out of a piece of clothing to determine who you are?


Another package comes through the door. An increasingly annoyed Applejack says "Alright. Get it over with." expecting another copy of her hat for Pinkie Pie but instead it's a cooking hat which makes Applejack sigh out of relief. That hat also springboards itself on top of Pinkie Pies head without anyone touching anything. Also, does that final package really need that many stamps on it?


They continiue cleaning Sugarcube corner and Fluttershy really likes cleaning that fucking toaster. Meanwhile Sugarcube Corner has become filled with guests and Applejack is getting crippeling depression.




And just wondering, if you want to keep it all clean and prepare for a filming crew to arrive wouldn't it be smarter to temporarily close Sugarcube Corner instead of having all those guests eating and possible creating more dirt in it? Or are they the spectators and the test subjects for Pinkies treats?


Moving on. Applejack starts talking to Pinkie Pie about how everyone copying her hat feels wrong and how she feels like her identity has been stolen (as if the hat is the only thing that makes Applejack who she is) while Pinkie is making her a sundae double scoob with waffle, rainbow sprinkles (as ordered by Applejack), chocolate sauce and extra diabetes. Pinkie Pie then suggest that Applejack should just find a new identity with a new hat before giving her a potion which upon drinking




magically gives her a new hat. Yeehaw.


It's a pilot hat. She starts imagining being a pilot




before imaginary wind and the plane malfunctioning caused by a vacuum cleaner which got stuck on her chair thanks to Twilight in the real world pulls her out of that acid trip. I guess Twilight couldn't have just gone around her with that vacuum cleaner.


Unsure of being a pilot (which i guess she HAS TO BE only because she wears a pilot hat. It's not like she could just wear that thing for fun) she gets another cup of lean, ähhhhm i mean potion from Pinkie which upon drinking gives her a firefighter hat.


Wtf is this?




Never fucking mind. She then starts imagining being a firefighter (because once again, wearing a firefighter hat means SHE HAS TO BE a firefighter. No wearing it for fun) in a truck that has flame vinyls on it's sides and THREE FUCKING EXHAUST PIPES




like it comes straight out of the Need For Speed car editor.




before getting pulled out of this little dream sequence by Rainbow Dash roasting a cake which is right in front of Applejacks face with a fucking blowtorch.






Fuck off, man.


Curiously, Applejack tries another potion which turns her into an astronout. Well, at least in her head. 




She then opens the fucking visor only to suffocate because Pinkie started shoving cake into her mouth in real life.


And at this point it i started bursting out in laughter because it was just so stupid. Applejacks astronaut helmet even has little apples on the sides like it has been personalized for her.


Anyway. Applejack says the cake is delicious (and one of her eyes is layered above her mane after she slurped down the cake for a second) but she's disappointed that she couldn't reinvent herself after trying 3 times. She drinks the last ramining potion which gives her the beret we saw at the start of the episode. She says "That feels right" and leaves. Pinkie Pie then takes a bit out of her cake herself but she is disappointed says thst this cake is unacceptable. Applejack comes back for one more slice,




says "This also feels right." and we've reached the halfway point and the halfway title card of the episode. Which looks like this.




Fucking creepy. When I saw this before i watched this episode i thought this was some weird parody or fanart. Nope, that's official. And it looks fucking horrifying.


Anyway. Applejack is sitting on a bench outside spitting some philosophical shit that's so deep, bro. She then get's approached by Derek, Matt and Matt again,




who claim to be "Individually minded ponies that think things that aren't cool are actually cool." and they want her to join them to which Applejack responds by saying "Not to nitpick. But acting as a group kinda negates your indivi..." before rethinking that and agreeing to join them. They whip out a weird, squishy, little cube and say that it doesn't do anything but as long as no one else is into it they find it cool. So basically, an "i stay away from everything mainstream" attitude. At least that's how i see it.


We then finally reach the scene from the start of the episode in which Applejack tells the viewer that this is a love story and now she adds onto it by saying that not all love stories have a happy ending before freaking out over the cube to see if it can do SOMETHING.




Applejack is about to smash it with a dish




when she get's interrupted by Rarity asking her where she has been and where her trademark hat is. Applejack says she is just playing with her food (even though that cube is obviously not food) and rocking a new style. Rarity says some stupid shit, thinking that Applejack may not be quite alright before asking to take a look at the cube. After getting her hooves on it she steals it and after Applejack telling her that it does nothing she says that it doesn't matter as long as it's cool. Why are you acting like this, Rarity?


Applejack looks at her reflection in the window and out of completly fucking nowhere she decides to go back to her old personality and not letting other ponies wearing the same hat as her influence her life as much.


The next morning she walks back to Sugarcube Corner only to find everyone there has a cube and is being obsessed with about it.


We get this adorable little gif




and then see all the hats in the trash can and some of them getting eaten by Gummy. What a waste of hats. Why didn't they send them back? Or sell them? Or give them to Applejack so she has a replacement in case her hat get's lost or destroyed.


Rarity tells Applejack how she turned the cube into a new trend LITERALLY overnight and it's implied that she did that for Applejack. I guess everyone in this episode is stupid enough to just run after every trend Rarity introduces.


Our gang of worthless and mostly forgettable side characters walks in and literally drops the cube trend upon seeing it going mainstream.




Before leaving they ask Applejack if she wants to join them with their new trend which is wearing tiaras on their flanks




but since we're almost at the end of the episode, Applejack obviously declines.


I guess they just pulled the "let's wear tiaras on our flanks" trend completly out of their asses. Just the most random nonsense made up on the spot.


Applejack says no trend is gonna define her, neither will her hat and she is gonna stay the way she is and Rarity apologizes for putting her through this by starting the hat trend.


They wonder what they're gonna do with all of the cubes until Pinkie Pie eats one of them. Suprised at how delicious they are she says how she could use them for her spongecake which is followed by everyone else eating them and Applejack screaming about how they could have eaten them this whole time.


Remember when Applejack was talking to Rarity while playing around with the cube, saying how she is "playing with her food"? That's some insane foreshadowing there. xD




Alright. We're done. And this episode was, kinda messy.


When everyone started the hat trend at the start of the episode i was wondering. Are the mane 6 and everyone else in this episode really that stupid and impressionable? It's almost like they acted out of character just to move the plot forward.


Remember when they were cleaning Sugarcube Corner like crazy because Pinkie Pie expected some filmcrew to show up? They completly forgot about that plot point, didn't they? Or were the guests we saw inside Sugarcube Corner the filmcrew and they just did it in the background and offscreen in the most subtle way possible?


The three new characters weren't super memorable or interesting either. Just doing things for the sake of doing things. Isn't it funny how they are mentioned in the synopsis like they're gonna play an important role in this episode, yet they have no big impact on neither Applejack nor the episode itself? They just introduce themselves to Applejack, give her the cube and then show up again near the end for a short moment.


Applejacks turn was completly out of nowhere and the message at the end wasn't bad by any means but kinda predictable. Well, at least it made me laugh here and there with Applejacks wacky hallucinations.


Overall. 5/10.

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