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Sunny Ray

Sunset Stuck In Equestria Part 5

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Zinnia Dawn slowly approached the Mane Six, holding her amulet. The amulet told her it was those girls that she detested so much. Then Zinnia accidentally stepped on a twig. The Mane Six instantly turned around. “Who are you?” asked Rainbow Dash. “None of your business!” Zinnia sneered. “Why you!-” yelled Rainbow Dash. “Must be the new girl!” interrupted Applejack. “And you must be a dumb country bumpkin!” Zinnia mocked. “W-what?” asked a confused Applejack. “I said that you must be a dumb country bumpkin! Because that’s what you ARE!” Zinnia replied. “Excuse me, but I’m sure that I’m not dumb.” Applejack muttered. “I don’t think you’re dumb, Applejack.” murmured Fluttershy. “Why, Thank you Sugarcube!” said Applejack, as she gave Fluttershy a smile. “Sorry to ruin your talk, but It’s time for you all to get DESTROYED!!!” explained Zinnia. A flash of red light, and soon Rainbow Dash was gone, along with Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Sci-Twi.

To be continued…






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