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Sunny Ray

Sunset Stuck In Equestria Part 6

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Sunset Shimmer opened her eyes slowly. The image of a pink pony appeared. “Pinkie?” murmured Sunset. “The one and only!” replied Pinkie Pie “Here have a cupcake!”. Sunset struggled to take the cupcake. “Um… don’t you have a horn for that?” said Pinkie. “Right!” exclaimed Sunset. “Also why are you here? Was it because this mysterious stranger used her magical amulet to teleport you to Equestria?” Pinkie inquired. Sunset’s mouth dropped. “How in Equestria did you do that?!” Asked Sunset, astonished. “Just a lucky guess” smiled Pinkie Pie. “And if I’m right, your friends are stuck in the stranger’s amulet”. “I have to get back to them!” Said Sunset. 

Meanwhile back on Canterlot City…

I am finally done! All my enemies have been destroyed!” grinned Zinnia. “Zinnia Dawn none of them are destroyed” said the amulet. “Sunset Shimmer is stuck in Equestria, and the rest are trapped inside of me”. Zinnia was dumbfounded. “WHAT?!” She screeched. “you must go to Equestria and retrieve Sunset Shimmer, then destroy her” ordered the amulet. “but… how?” asked Zinnia. “through the hidden portal” replied the amulet “the statue”

To be continued…




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