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Sunny Ray

Do you like the Dazzlings?

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Do you like the Dazzlings? I do!:approve: They’re one of the best villains in Equestria Girls. All of the other villains are sort of bland (not including Sunset Shimmer). The Dazzlings had what it takes to be a villain, but that’s just my opinion, share your opinion about the Dazzlings here!:cloppa:




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Yeah! the Dazzlings were pretty cool. The reason is that although Wall_Flower_Blush, Juniper_Montage and Gloriosa_Daisy/ Gaia_Everfree all had pretty good villian forms, I feel there wasn't much don with the villains to make them,... better.

Like how if we had more context, screen time, and episodes, Daybreaker would've been an amazing side villain.

The problem with these 3 is that really other than there designs, powers, and evil-ness, the reason I believe they were "good" villains, is because there desire for magic enhancements, was fueled by a legitimate need:


- Juniper was envious of the Daring Doo cast and the Crystal Rainbooms,


- Wall Flower was lonely, and felt left out of everything possible


- and Gloria really just wanted to save the camp, and keep it in the family history


other than that, I think they did a good job making villians for films and extras.

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