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Sunny Ray

Sunset Stuck In Equestria Part 7

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Zinnia Dawn breathed heavily. She was about to go to a land she had never even known had existed. “Do it” said the Amulet. “Okay” mumbled Zinnia. “Now” ordered the Amulet, its voice slowly rising. Zinnia jumped. The Amulet had never spoken to her that way. Zinnia went through the portal


Sunset was half asleep, listening to Pinkie Pie talk about life on the Rock Farm, when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it!” exclaimed Pinkie Pie. A few minutes later, Sunset heard Pinkie telling someone “There certainly is a Sunset Shimmer here!”. “Good” said a strangely familiar voice, and then Sunset recognized the voice. The voice was Zinnia Dawn’s.

To be continued…

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