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Hey everypony! just wanted to give y'all a warning that we have 6 days until the..

34 year - pony anniversary! 

MLP: FiM anniversary by rainbowdashesp | My Little Pony: Friendship is  Magic | Know Your Meme

I believe that we have all come very far from where we started, back on September 15, 1986.

Even if we haven't been a part of this fandom, or been aware of this franchise since the beginning, I know that this is a very important day to all of us. And that this is something that has had an impact on all of us.



Feel free to discuss events, topics, choices, conventions, everything in between, and anything that has changed since then.


and happy early-anniversary everypony!:lunadance::ponydrugs:

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Fun fact:

Back in 1984, Hasbro came up short, because of the cold war, and they needed something to boost their profits. That's when they decided that pones were just the group to save their flanks.



I know we all watch it for the plot :rdwink:

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