I am in need of Emergency Help and not sure what to do.

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In 2017 I asked the comunity for help because I was being evicted by the home owner of the house me and my family was buying on contact.   Thank to the comunity we were able to raise $55 which went to the landlord when the Judge reinstated the contact.  But now something much worst has happen

The City of Mount Carmel IL.  Has made us Homeless.  The City Inspector has been getting complaints about our hosue from the negihbers with out telling us he had been getting these complaints so we could be fixing the issues with the house.  Instead he open up an ivestigation and has now decied that the city will just condemned the hosue.   They have given us now 14 Days. It was 15 as of yesterday.

We have called all Pet Friendly places and their is no vanacys  we even called a new Non pet friendly places and again no Vanacys   In 14 Days My family and I will not have a roof over our head

The Local Homeless shellter not only does not allow Pets but they also do not allow Males.  They are a womens shelter but do to my mother's disabilitys they can not even work for her.

We have called and called to the point my mother is throwing up and my blood persere is over a 150/100  I take meds for my blood presere and they are not helping because of the stress this is putting us under

We called a alwyer as soon as they put the sign on the door that our house is not livable  and orignal they had given us 15Hrs  but our Lawyer got us the 15 Days. I do not know what to do.

There is a house in town. That is not for rent but for sale.Its $19.000  That is a lot cheper then what we were paying for this House.    We are trying to raise that money as fast as we can.  We are asking for $25,000 Because if we can not get this house there is another one that is $23,000   The extra money that is not used to buy the house will be used for moving, to pay the taxes, and other other cost so that we can get into this house in the next few Days.     Because of this my mother just sits and crys all night long. She has not splet a good night in 2 days.   They put the sign on Tuesday and then tell us on Wensday you have 15 Days to find a place.   Tuesday was the worst day of our life because we thought at midnight we would not have a roof over our heads. Luckly our lawyer got us the 15 Days which stated on Wensday.  I do not care how much people donate  it can be $1 it can be as much as you can help with.


We could get some land today and hopful get a trailer at less I thought that till last night. My sister who has a Very large Lot of Land which is also in my mothers name is refusing to allow us to put a trialer on it and have our cats.

The only time none of us has been on a phone working to find a place. My mother is so sick of hearing No Vancacys   that she just crys and crys.

But I will not allow them to take my cats to the shelter because we live in a town with a kill shelter and because all of our cats are over 2 years old they will be killed

Bo is 14 Years Old

Phantasma is 5

Dante is 5

Ruby is 5

Charcoal is 4

Luna is 4 (Named after Princess Luna)

and Gab is 2 years old

You can read about the first eviction here.


Because we still have to pay the Judgement from the first eviction we can not even afford rent at another location. We still owe the landlord $3000 on it alone.  the Payments to her + Rent at another location  our rent would have to be $200 to $300 and no one is going to rent to someone that low so in less the Landlord of the house we were buying till the city pull this stunt.  agree to lower the payments of the judgement.  We are doomed

This is our 2nd Godfund to help us find a place. https://www.gofundme.com/f/our-beloved-family-is-in-need-of-help-right-now?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet

I hate to ask the comunity to help a 2nd time. I asked my other comunities including people in town  and most of them have said I could not make a post about this, or that they can not help,  or to go blank my self that we got our self into this mess we must get out self out of the mess.

As I am writing this I am crying like hell just at the thought of losing our babies and the thought of what will happen to my mother

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