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Guest Nurse Redheart

Equestria Daily Discord Moderator Application

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Guest Nurse Redheart

Name: Nurse Redheart#3617

Age: 20

Position: Discord Mod


Why do I want to be a Discord mod?
Well. That's a pretty good question if you ask me. Well. I've been on Discord for around 2 years now. I've been part of many roleplay communities for FiveM. (GTA V. Look up OCRP for reference if you're not familiar with it.) I, as a person, am confident that I will be an asset to the Equestria Daily Discord server, and will bring a positive attitude to the team, and the server as a whole, as well as have a sense of leadership and respect amongst the ranks, and have a really good sense of humor. I'm a fun person to mess around with. I once got told to grab a box of Grid Squares from Supply. Then got told to grab it at OIP. After about 45 minutes of looking for it, turned out there was no such thing as OIP, or Grid Squares. My Sargeants had a laugh at the prank. As did I.

What prior moderation/administration experience do you have, if any?
I've been a moderator for almost a year in different communities (Shown Below) and have been through many different types of events and scenarios during my time. Although I am always learning. Not one moderator day is the same, and different events happen, much like a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), and sometimes put up with some crazy stuff, and I'm always willing to learn and be more experienced as a mod. I also respect and will utilize the chain of command as required, as I do, in real life, follow a chain of command.

I've been/am mod/admin for:
State of San Andreas Roleplay Community - Admin (Eventually will run the PC branch of the community. The project has been greenlit by the community owner.)
Blue Line Brotherhood - Mod
San Andreas First Responders (LED BY R. KILLINGER) - Mod
940 Street Racers - Admin
Jerry's FunLand (Personal Server) - Admin
Sleek Kings - Owner
Forzathon Media - Owner
San Andreas State Police Gaming Community - Mod

Time Zone/Times you'll be able to moderate: 


Weekends: any time after 0900

Weekdays: I usually work from 0930 to 1730 on a normal day, unless a radar breaks down, then I'll be unavailable until further notice.

Anything else you'd like to share:

I currently run my own Discord server, and it is a little bit dry, but it's only because I have not yet started a steady, growing YouTube channel, but planned ahead and created one with rules, roles, bots, channels, dedicated channels, and voice channels. As well as an authentication process to avoid spammers.

Sleek Kings are/were a group of Forza enthusiasts who love Forza Horizon, and the car culture. We set up and host car meets, drift meets, and photoshoots. We take pride in our filming/photoshoot projects, and have a skilled team of photographers and cameramen to provide the community with some great images and videos. Forzathon Media (Forzathon Photography, Forzathon Filmography) are subsidiaries of Sleek Kings Media, specializing in photography, filmography, and advertisement of Sleek King car meets, races, photoshoots, and cars. They're a dedicated group of individuals who's main focus are to capture, record, and publish within the Sleek King Community, and to attract the attention of people outside the community. Forzathon Media is a rising group of individuals who rely on teamwork, communication, and talent.


State of San Andreas Roleplay Community started, and is, an Xbox community at the moment. There are talks about expansions to PC. Which I have been tasked to take charge of.

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