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When We´re Old

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Many moons they passed as The Student 6 became older, and it was so long ago that Twilight had moved to Ponyville. The two birds, Smolder and Ocellus now ran the school as teachers along with the adult CMC. Adult Yona and adult Sandbar opened a Yak Yakistan shop in Ponyville with traditional yak music vinyls, as the yak stomp from ages ago became cult across Equestria. It was the day after Twilight had shown Luster Dawn around Ponyville, and told about her and her Mane Six's life in Ponyville so many many moons ago. Luster Dawn had moved into a dorm in the School of Friendship, and her best friends was a griffin, a yak, a Kirin and another pony that was the next heroes of Equestria. Then the day came that Hearth Warming where the annual Grand Galopping Gala awaited in the spring in Canterlot was announced. Twilight send the tickets to the gala to the griffin, the yak, the Kirin and the two ponies while many adventures awaited Luster Dawn and her friends until the gala months ahead.


Over 100 of moons and moons had gone after Twilight had moved to Ponyville. Diamond Tiara lost her votes for president as filly, but years later Diamond Tiara became the Mayor of Ponyville as Mayor Mare had to retire and move to Silver Shoals. Years passed and Ponyville had 500 years anniversary with a big party.

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