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Hello ponies.

I love to play and listen music. I'm not pro, of course, and have no pretension about that.

But some weeks ago, a studio give my music school an occasion to record our plays. I did it with my saxophone quartet band (Baryton, Tenor, Alto x2 or x1 with a soprano + Drums), and one more time with my jazz band (Trumpet, clarinet, Sax x 2, guitar x 2, bass guitar or contrabass, and drums). That was a great experience really. Even if we played not perfectly because we didn't worked a lot (Eh, we have a job and ponies next door, and we meet once a month to practice together).

Anyway, Today I received in my mailbox our first recording from our Sax quartet, and I wanted to share it, because people like to share what they love.

Be indulgent please :rimshot:

I received 3 other but it is little bit worse. I'll post here our jazz band too when I'll receive it, I guess.

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