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Friendship is… BETRAYAL (Sneak peek)

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Aurelian Ocean never got over that feeling that Cozy Glow had left her. By watching Cozy Glow fly away, it made her want to cry and scream at the same time. “Off to the cellar with you, dirty little vermin” Ms. Dartmoor sneered. Aurelian Ocean spent a whole day in that cellar, screeching “I HATE YOU COZY GLOW! I! HATE! YOU!” 

Five years later… 

Aurelian Ocean had become a troubled pony, beating up and stealing from the younger ponies. She also had help from her two “friends”, who were basically her cronies. Their names were Tainted Lemon, and Wretched Mite. Tainted Lemon was an apricot Unicorn, with a scruffy pale blonde mane. Wretched Mite was a lilac Pegasus with dark gray eyes, and one wing. Aurelian Ocean, Tainted Lemon, and Wretched Mite were in the bedroom, when they saw a rose colored filly, who looked kind of scared. She had a beautiful tinted glass locket that was the shape of a bird, around her neck. “What’s that ugly thing around your neck?” Aurelian Ocean smirked at the rose colored filly “It was my mommy’s” said the filly, as she smiled shyly. “Gimme that” Aurelian Ocean said, roughly “No!” Exclaimed the rose colored filly. “Oh, come on! Didn’t you learn to share?” Aurelian Ocean replied mockingly, as Tainted Lemon and Wretched Mite snickered. Then, she snatched the locket from the rose colored filly and threw it at the ground. It shattered into millions of little pieces, and the rose filly started to cry. “Why…?” She sobbed, as Aurelian Ocean and her cronies walked away, laughing. “Why?” 

“Ha! You should’ve seen the look on her face when I smashed that thing!” Crowed Aurelian Ocean, as they were walking down the halls of the orphanage. “I did” Tainted Lemon answered, as she put on her best baby tone “She was like ‘why?’“ “Pathetic. Simply pathetic. I mean, that’s what they always say! ‘Why‘?’” Wretched Mite chimed, mockingly. “Yea” snorted Tainted Lemon. 

Find out more in Friendship is… BETRAYAL! Coming out soon! 



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