Is Potion Nova an Alicorn?

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When we first see Potion Nova in Pony Life, she appears as an Alicorn and we see such magical effects as flowers springing up in her wake.




However, when she introduces herself to the Mane 6, she seems to be a normal Unicorn pony. This raises the question: Is Potion Nova really an Alicorn?


1) Yes, though she disguises herself as a Unicorn pony for unknown reasons.


2) No, any scenes showing Potion Nova as an Alicorn are just animation errors.


3) No, the creators are deliberately trolling us!


4) Other (what is your theory?).

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Ok, here are my 2 theories:flutterdear: 

  1. She was originally a princess (AKA an Alicorn), whose parents wanted her to learn to use magic, but she didn’t want to be a princess, so she ran away. Eventually, a kind potion maker found her and taught her Potion Making, and she fell in love with it. She also drank a potion to turn herself into a Unicorn, so that no pony would know that she was a princess. 
  2. Young Potion Nova loved to create potions. Everyday, she would spend hours in her room making potions, or go outside to find special ingredients to make potions with. Eventually, she became so good, that every pony saw her as an Alicorn.

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