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There are few words that can describe the goals that I am attempting to fulfill, but essentially, this is my final post for a while. Along with the channel "Unus Annus", my account too, will be going quite for a while. When their clock hits 00:00:00:00, my clock will start 00:00:00:01. This means that I will began an immeasurable  distance of time, striving to reach peak success and ability. I have valued every conversation, post, gif, and everything in-between that I've been so fortunate to share with the community as a whole. So as of now,  I strongly encourage you to find the thing you value most in life, and pursue it as far as your mind, body, and soul will take.


Thank you for everything you've done, and always remember, "love, friendship, tolerate."


Thank you so much, and goodbye, for now...… :lunadance:

P.S there will be more, but it will be at random if not irrational times :mlp_DERPE:

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