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Tails of Equestria, "The Curse of the Statuettes" in a new format

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A great classic, a new format:

The Curse of the Statuettes

(softback adventure book + GM screen)


This classic My Little Pony adventure is now available as a softback adventure book, which comes bundled with the Tails of Equestria GM screen.

Explore the Badlands with The Curse of the Statuettes adventure, perfect for Level 1-3 pony characters. Players will need to find ways to befriend or outfox the many ponies and creatures they will meet.

Meet creatures such as the Roc, a mythical bird that uses its massive size and slate-like feathers to intimidate any pony who gets in its way or the greedy Dr Caballeron, caring more for wealth than for than good of ponykind!




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