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Does any want more interaction from Pinkie Pie and Spike?

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I know this feels random but the paring between the 2 should improve in later episodes. In Season 1 they both had moments like in Over A Barrel where Pinkie Sings the Sharing song and Spike playing the piano. But in Party Of One Pinkie Pie Interrogates Spike which had funny moments but Pinkie went too mad against Spike. Sure Pinkie Pie was being ignored from her friends but they trying there best to throw a party for her. Why is this a problem? because not only Spike didn't do anything to deserve this, after Party Of One there where some moments but they faded away after season 2. I just didn't like the way Spike had to go though in Pinkie Interrogation even if he got jems at the end. My point is that they have a minor relationship when it comes to hading out. They may have the less interest from each other, but they make the greatest of jokes like they have Shinning Armor and Princess Cadence cake dolls kissing each other. I hope they have more moments and maybe have a episode for both of them (I know it's more awkward but we see a lot of awkward but Funny moments from Pinkie Pie and Spike can have more development).

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Honestly, I never really thought about it, but now that you say it, yes! Their part together in Running of the Leaves was hilarious!

Now I want to see more of this. It could get really good!

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