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mrx1983 - A Bronies Information Page

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i got the domain some years ago from someone, and i wanted to build a site now on this domain.

it should have informations about the fandom, bronies and the series.

like a starting page to the fandom.

it will be in german and english for now, but can be enhanced to other languages too, if people want to translate.

and i'm now thinking what i should include.


i think:

- a short description about the series

- how the series started

- where it is aired at the moment

- the creative site of the fandom, like fan content, fan merch

- what the mane 6 are

- what are bronies?

- l&t

- hasbro and show staff

- link-list to other brony sites (like derpibooru, eqd etc.)

- values of us bronies

- maybe critics and what could be made better in the fandom?


i think it could be nice to have such a startpage for bronies, which explains the fandom to newcomers, a site which also could be better found by search engines and in the end helps other brony sites with the link-list.


maybe some of you also have ideas what should be included in such a startpage to the fandom.

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this is how it looks like at the moment.

it is no cms, i completely coded it myself.

i have a javascript file where i can setup the pages with the titles, buttonname, html file location, and it build this ajax site.

it also works with mobile, the banner will then be reduced in size, and the buttons will be changed to a select dropdown (maybe i will change that to a pure css menu).

of course it has not that much features like wordpress or other cms, but it can easily be cached and is very hack safe.

it is very small in size and traffic.

and very easy for me to manage.



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Looks nice! Is there going to be some sort of history section about the fandom? I would love to read how it all started.

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yes it is still on my to do list. if i have some free time left i will continue working on it. it is still planned to go online. i already coded a site for it and also i will use as an domain for the infopage. but i still need to fill it with informations and stuff.

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