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The news it came the day after the Hearth Warming Eve vacation that Applejack and her famiily would be forced to move away in the start of spring, as Applejack had talked private first with Twilight about it. Then the days passed, as Twilight was worried about Applejack and her family. Then she wrote a letter to Princess Celestia, and asked what to do.

"Dear Applejack! I asked everypony for a Goodbye Party on the stage in the middle of Ponyville, as she can have a roundup there!" Twilight she read.

Few days later, was the whole Ponyville preparing for the coming Goodbye Party, as there was balloons, flags and on the night before the party. Princess Celestia she came by to visit Applejack, as she had cried in her bed in Sweet Apple Acres.

"I'm happy that Rainbow Dash she gave you all your cutie marks, and she became your first friend!" the princess told Applejack.

"Remember you gave Rainbow Dash a hug, as you first met because she showed you the way home?" Princess Celestia said.

Applejack was still sad, as the princess comforted her.

"I promise you will feel better tomorrow, as we have set a surprise party up for you!" the princess told Applejack.

Then Princess Celestia went home to Canterlot, and Applejack fell asleep and dreamed about her filly days with Rainbow Dash.

At morning were the hens waking up Applejack, and the sun was shining over Equestria.

Applejack was excited, and could barely wait to see all her friends.

"We must do something to save Sweet Apple Acres, and I won't see Applejack broken!" Rainbow Dash said while she sat with her friends in Sugarcube Corner.

To be continued.

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