Hi everypony! Returned after a few years

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I used to be a regular member, then life stuff happened. Glad to be back. For anyone who doesn't remember me I'll give sort of an introduction. 

Since season 1 aired I browsed the fanart, merch and news about the show. By the time season 4 hit I went for it and binged every season. Best decision ever.

Not long after I started collecting merch, mainly of my favorite ponies. I was lucky enough to get the chance to attend Everfree Northwest twice. 1 day the first year, all 3 the next. 

I love all official pony content, the comics, books, ect. I'm a pony cosplayer and (beginner) artist. I'm also a gamer, mostly things like Sonic (my main passion), Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and Borderlands. Bit of a mixed bag. 

This new year I wanted to get back into being here and on EQD itself. It's like home to me and I hope to see some old friends here, and make some new ones. I'm sorry I disappeared for so long, a lot happened, for the better. Back now to stay :)

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Welcome back! It's great to have a returning user back on the forums! :sweetieyes:


I hope you have a great time here! :yay:

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