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A big list.

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Hello everyone. Does somebody have an updated list about Talents and quirks in Tails of Equestria. I only have the list from the core book and I believe there are a lot of more. If someone has a pdf or a document about that, It would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I don't have such a list, but I do have a couple of entries in the forum with house-ruled Talents and Quirks in them (see my Bat-pony post). I might be able to work something up when I have some more time. Maybe the upcoming Compendium of Equestria will be of more help, though I don't think a release date for it has been announced yet.

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This list could stand some refining and a few more random quirks can be found among the residents of Ponyville in The Bestiary of Equestria.



Acid-body (Lesser Ooze, Greater Ooze) - FL

Acidic (creature only; replaces Acid-body) - BE

Alchemy - CE

Booksmart - BE

Bulky - BE

Burrow (Lava Bug, Diamond Dogs only) - BE, FSF

Cloud Wrangling (Pegasi only) - TE

Consume - BE

Crafting - CE

Creation (Unicorns only) - BE

Creative Flair - TE

Cry for Help (Origami Bird) - JN

Dive (Paper Airplane) - JN

Duplicate - BE

Engulf (creature only) - BE

Fly (Pegasi only) - TE

Fire Breath (Dragons only, Bookwyrm) - BE, FL

Fire Control (Unicorns only) - BE

Forcefield (Unicorns only) - TE

Friendship Thief (creature only) - BE

Gardening (Agari) - BE

Healing Touch - TE

Honorable - OMS

Immovable Object (Chess Piece Statue) - JN

Insubstantial (creature only) - BE

Intimidation (Bol-dar) - MW

Invisibility (Unicorns only) - BE

Keen Knowledge - TE

Leadership (Evenlight the Wise) - FL

Locate (Unicorns only) - TE

Locate: Panic (Hurricanter) - FSF

Magician - CE

Magic Resistance (Earth ponies only, Singing Sea Leviathan) - BE, MW

Message (Unicorns only) - BE

Morph (Changelings only) - BE

Multi-headed (creature only) - BE

Nimble - BE

Pet - BE

Pilfer (Origami Fox) - JN

Poison Spray (creature only) - BE

Pony of All Trades (Earth ponies only) - TE

Pony Sense - TE

Princess (Alicorns only) - BE

Rebirth - BE

Roar (Ursa Major) - JN

Rogue - OMS

Shield Wall (Origami Knight) - JN

Shock! (Twittermite, Pegasi only) - BE

Shove (Bats, Giant Bat) - JN, HE

Shrewd (Lizardfolk) - OMS, MW

Snatch (Master Claw) - JN

Speak With Animals - TE

Special Skill - TE

Spider Climb (creature only) - BE

Squeeze and Slam (Master Claw) - JN

Stout Heart (Earth ponies only, Changling) - TE, BoE

Stun Ray (Unicorns only, Octoselene) - TE, MW

Swarm (Teeny Tiny) - BE

Swashbuckle - OMS

Swim (Bite-acuda) - CCMP

Swimming (Great Prism Whale) - MW

Talons (Griffons only) - BE

Teeny Tiny (creature only) - BE

Telekinesis (Unicorns only) - TE

Teleport (Unicorns only) - TE

The Stare - TE

Thick Hide - BE

Tremor Sense (Earth ponies only) - BE

Truesight (creature only) - BE, FL

Water Control (Unicorns only) - BE

Web Sling (creature only) - BE

Worldly (Captain Rosella) - BE, MW



Aged (Granny Smith) - BE

Aggressive (Shark) - OMS, MW

Allergy - TE

Always Angry (Bugbear) - BE

Animal - BE

Angry - FSF, OMS

Asthma - TE

Attracted to Noisy Environments (Mohawk) - BE

Avante-garde (Rainbow Tie) - HE

Baby (Flurry Heart) - BE

Blind (Deepwell Angel Fish) - BE, FL

Blob (Smooze) - BE

Blunt - TE

Boastful (Trixie) - BE

Bossy - TE

Bound (Mistform/Smoke Monster) - BE, FL

Busy (Admiral Brightblade) - BE, OMS, MW

Candy Obsessed - HE

Changeling (Changelings only) - BE

Cheesy (Octoselene) - MW

Clumsy (Little Strongheart, Muffins) - BE

Commanded (Bookwyrm) - FL

Consume (Bite-acuda) - CCMP

Cowardly (Flint & Vale) - FSF

Cranky (Cockatrice, Ursa Minor) - BE

Cruel - BE, FL

Crystal Heart (Crystal Pony only) - BE

Deadpan (Maude Pie) - BE

Dedicated (Soldiers of the Hooves of Light, Princess Solar) - HE

Disobedient (Orthos) - BE

Dragon Greed (Dragons only) - BE

Drawn to magic (Singing Sea Leviathan) MW

Duty-bound (Evenlight the Wise) - FL

Easily Distracted (Cerberus) - BE

Emotional (Shining Armor) - BE

Entranced by Music (Parasprite) - BE

Evil - O&O

Expert - HE

Fear - TE

Forgetful - TE

Frightening (Princess Argent) - HE

Fussy (Prince Rutherford, Yak) - BE

Gluttonous - OMS

Greedy (Pirate Captain) - MW

Grumpy (Woody Grooves) - CCMP

Guilty Conscience - BE, OMS

Hatred (King Sombra) - BoE

Highly Strung (Rainbow Tie) - HE

Holds a Grudge (Perissa) - FSF

Humorless (Castle Guards) - HE

Hungry (Tatzlwurm) - BE

Hungry for Apples! (Fruit Bat (Vampire)) - BE

Hungry for Love (Changeling) - BE

Immobile (Barking Barnacle) - CCMP

Indecisive (Hydra, Gloombrine Hydra) - BE, MW

Intimidating - OMS

Jealous (Gilda (Griffon)) - BE

Know-It-All (Humble Longthink) - FSF, MW

Lazy (Sugar Sweet, Lava Bug) - FSF

Likes to Monologue (Ahuizou, Mane-iac) - BE

Lonely (Pine Marten) - FSF

Loud - OMS

Mad! (Mane-iac) - BE

Mean - BE, OMS

Megalomaniac (King Sombra) - BE

Mememememe! - TE

Messy - TE

Mindless - BE, O&O

Must speak in rhyme! (Zecora) - BE

Must use Consume talent before using Duplicate talent (Parasprite) - BE

Mysterious (Zecora) - BE

Naive - TE

Neat Freak - TE

Needs Glasses - TE

Never leaves its Eelpit (Quarry Eel) - BE

Not very Independent (Starfall Guards) - FSF

Nucleus - BE, FL

Oooohhh.... Shiny! - TE

Optimistic (Commander Daring) - HE

Overconfident - TE

Over Excited - HE

Overly Dramatic (Dark Shadow) - HE

Phylactery (Bookwyrm) - FL

Power Hungry (Princess Argent) - HE

Prankster - HE

Protective (Ursa Major) - BE

Proud (Humble Longthing) - FSF, OMS, MW

Quiet - OMS

Ravenous (Cragadile) - BE

Rebellious (Mohawk) - BE

Reliant on Orders - OMS

Restricted to Water (Mermare)  - OMS, MW

Role Player - HE

Scary (Princess Luna) - BE

Secret Identity (all Power Ponies, Daring Do) - BE

Selfish (Griffon) - BE

Serious (Commander Daring, Soldiers of the Hooves of Light) - HE

Short Attention Span - TE

Short Fuse - TE

Shy - HE

Sleepy (Bol-dar) - MW

Slow (Bol-dar) - FSF, HE, MW

Slow Moving - FL

Staff Dependent - O&O

Stubborn (Admiral Brightblade) - MW

Super-Shy - TE

Tires Easily (Evenlight the Wise) - FL

Topsy-turvy (Flumph) - BE, FL

Too Silly - TE

Underconfident (Humdrum) - BE

Unhinged - OMS

Unliving (objects) - BE, FL

Upset (Spirits) - HE

Vicious (Bugbear) - BE

Weak (Breezy, Sea Sprite) - BE, MW

Weakness - BE

Weak Wings (Breezy) - BE

Wild (Hurricanter) - FSF

Workaholic (Spindle) - FSF

Worries about his/her reputation (Countess Coloratura) - CCMP

Yearns to be a Hippogiff (Seaponies only) - OMS


TE = Tails of Equestria: The Storytelling Game Core Rules

BE = The Bestiary of Equestria

CCMP = The Curious Case of the Malfunctioning P.R.A.N.C.E.R. and Other Tails

CE = The Compendium of Equestria

FB = Tails of Equestria on Facebook

FL = The Festival of Lights

FSF = Filly Sized Follies

HE = The Haunting of Equestria

JN = Judge Not by the Cover

MW = Melody of the Waves

OMS = The Official Movie Sourcebook

O&O = Ogres & Oubliettes

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