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River Horse PDFs 50% Off Thru March 5, 2021

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From River Horse Games: 



Following up on last weeks announcement of 75% off RRP for the Tails of Equestria: Starter Set to help to entertain the family during lockdown, we have received a lot of requests from our public to create some similar offer for our digital books.

So we are happy to announce that from today to the 5th of March, we are offering 50% off the RRP of all our PDF versions currently held at DriveThruRPG!

This includes copies of:

  • Labyrinth - The Adventure Game; giving you the tools to create your own stories in the fantastical world created by Jim Henson and Brian Froud.
  • Tails of Equestria - The Storytelling Game; The core rule book to the My Little Pony RPG 
  • All of the other titles within the Tails of Equestria series, some of which are currently out of stock in the physical store.


Go ahead and immerse yourself in these wonderful worlds, bringing you and the whole family together to develop imagination and creativity while having fun.




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