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Odd Dream

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Last night I had a crazy dream where I was on the Earth in Walle but it was cleaner but (not sure when), Auto came on and took control of some of the robots and they got some of the mlp villains too but worst of all they made Twilight one of them!  Me and some other friends (charcters from other shows and gaames) were working to stop Auto and get Twilight back, we even had to get help from Plankton, who used his ghost thing to try to possess Twiolight and get her back but it didn't last long enough.  


So I went in and tried to get her back, we were close but didn;t make it yet.  so we went for an aattack and I went ghost, like Danny Phantom, and got into Twilight's body and walked her out of there.  (Not sure what happened or hapens next bnecause I woke up.  and tried to write down this whole dream before i forgot it.  

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