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Pride month (June) is right around the corner, so I figured I would start a thread on this subject.  Do we have any LGBT+ ponies around here?

I happen to be bisexual, and I "lean" toward the opposite biological sex. When it comes to the same biological sex, I personally think feminine guys are adorable. :happybonbon:

I may try to look around to see what is happening for pride-related events.  COVID-19 obviously threw a wrench into things last year, but my home state of Minnesota has one of the higher rates of vaccinations in the United States (it is also considered to be one of the most LGBT+ friendly states in the US as well).  Minneapolis is also home to the largest LGBT+ Pride festival in the United States, and now that I am fully vaccinated, it may be worth looking into that this year.  I will be sure to be wearing nail polish and my favorite bisexual pride T-shirt (which also happens to be my favorite T-shirt overall) if I do show up to any Pride-related events.



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