I've been enjoying most of the recent episodes of the series. I still laugh at the jokes, I enjoy the great character interactions that have been there since day one, and I find the worldbuilding to be interesting. Yes, I even like Starlight, Flurry Heart, and the reformed changelings.   But every time I check Equestria Daily or Derpibooru, here's what I see in the comments.   “Starlight is a terrible character!”   “I'm mad that Celestia still doesn't have an episode!”   “This character looks like a bad OC!”   “The Mane Six were OOC and the plot was boring/cringeworthy!”   “Come back, old writers! The new ones are inexperienced hacks!”   “This character is getting too much exposure!”   “Stop it with the pandering!”   “Why are they forgiving this antagonist for their previous atrocities?!”   It's at the point where, no matter how much I enjoy an episode, I ALWAYS anticipate that the commenters will hate it.   I think I first started noticing people complaining a lot during Season 3, but it became especially noticeable in Season 5. Though I think it was after I saw all the negative comments on The Cart Before the Ponies in Season 6 that I started wondering if the show was no longer objectively good, and I started dreading the announcement of future seasons.   You could call the show my guilty pleasure, for lack of a better term. I feel like it's no longer objectively good, but I still like it.   Seriously, this complaining is EVERYWHERE. It's impossible to ignore. In episode followups, one of the highest rated comments is ALWAYS a negative one. Also, look up a Starlight image on Derpibooru, and you WILL see at least one hater in the comments. In fact, Starlight haters love to accuse people who DO like the character of being ass-kissing Hasdrones.   Another thing that I should note: a friend of mine on deviantART used to really like the show. She was annoyed by the rabid Faust-worshippers, and defended the show's changes a lot. Then, while she liked Season 5, she was a lot more critical of it than the previous seasons, complaining about episodes like Slice of Life and DPDoMS. Then after Season 6, she became a VERY vocal Starlight hater. She posts a lot of hate journals and faves a lot of other people's anti-Starlight art and rant journals.   What happened with my DA friend makes me worried that sooner or later, I'LL end up hating a change in the show as well, no matter how much I enjoy it right now.   Every time a new season is announced, I wonder why the fandom is so excited for it. Aren't they aware that it's going to contain MORE of the stuff they hate? I want the show to end because I know that Season 8 will just contain even more bitching and moaning, and if the show ends, so will the negativity. I keep seeing commenters say that the show is immune to suffering the fate of SpongeBob and The Simpsons due to it constantly changing, which is ironic, since those very changes are specifically what's pissing people off.   So, yeah. I've been annoying people on EQD, Derpibooru, and Reddit because I want to remind people that Season 8 is a terrible idea because of the aforementioned complaints. I'm not sure whether the show has gotten worse, or if the fandom has become more negative and critical. If it's the former, then I have a valid reason to want the show to end. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.   TLDR: Just read the damn thing.